3 Places to Try at 8 Seas Food Adventure

One of the newest food parks in Quezon City is 8 Seas Food Adventure. During my first time there, I was impressed by the brand new food concepts. I wanted to try them all but I only got to try three and here is how it went:

Chickapig is a nice place for your chicken and pork cravings. They have a great selection of dishes that will make you drool after staring at their pictures.

BBQ Karaage (P110)

Crispy Bagnet Sisig (P135)

Garlic Parmesan Wings (P145)

Crispy Bagnet (P155)

I highly recommend lots of rice to go along with these crispy and yummy meat dishes. It is hard to pick a favourite among them because all of them are worth every penny. If you don't believe me, go to Chickapig now and try their food. I guarantee they'll make a believer out of you.

Due to the heat in the Philippines, it's always great to have a cold drink. The best option in 8 Seas is Kocco as they serve a variety of Frappe, Lemonade, Milk Tea and Iced Tea flavors. The best part about them is that they serve 1 liter of milk tea and iced teas for only P120 and P110.

I had the Fruity Cosmo iced tea which guarantees to hydrate you. It's still flavorful despite my request of zero sugar in it.

There are so many Korean BBQ buffets in Timog that I've lost count. However, the cheapest one by far is Samgyeop Sa Timog.  Despite being very affordable, they're not short on quality. There's a reason why people fall in line here during peak hours.

Before you're seated, they'll set up the table for you. Their pork all you can is only P299 while the chicken/beef/pork all you can is only P399. The unlimited side dishes include kimchi, lettuce, japchae, fish cake, cucumber, atchare, peanut, radish & carrots and my favorite, vegetable curry.

There's a groovy meat selection for pork (dae-pae, bulgogi, Pinoy style), chicken (chicken galbi, bulgogi, Pinoy style) and beef (beef samgyeop, bulgogi and Pinoy style). There is also unlimited melted cheese that pairs nicely with the meat.

I had a great time at the food park as all the food I tried were delicious. Hence, I can't wait to come back and try the other selections here. With 14 food stalls to choose from, you're bound to find something that will satisfy your taste buds.

For those who don't know where to take their date this Valentine's Day, this is the place to be. There are some nice food combinations from different merchants at only P999. The night guarantees to be grand too as there will be an acoustic band that will entertain you with lovely songs.

8 Seas Food Adventure
122 Timog Avenue

Soogba Brings Authentic Bacolod Chicken Inasal to Manila

When I met Chef Carlo Tanalgo at a pop-up event I organized, I got excited when I found out he owns a Chicken Inasal restaurant. I didn't expect much when I tried his food then I found out it is the only authentic chicken inasal in Manila. Others have tried and they obviously failed.

For Soogba, Carlo says profit is secondary as he cares more about giving high-quality chicken inasal to Filipinos in Manila. Yes, there is no need to travel to Bacolod just to eat this local dish because he brought it here. We definitely have to thank him for that.

All their sauces are made from scratch. They don't outsource anything. Now, those are qualities of a good restaurant. I really LOVE their chicken oil. It not only pairs great with their chicken but with their other meat dishes too. I probably lost track of the amount of chicken oil I consumed.

Original Sparerib (P180)

They also sell other meat dishes aside from chicken including this Original Sparerib. At first, I thought I was going to have a hard time slicing this meat but it's very tender. I'm actually trying to avoid pork but since it was so good, I was able to finish it.

Pecho (P160)

Before eating his delectable dishes, Carlo asked me if I know anything about the history of Soogba. Unfortunately, the answer was no but I do know the history of this Pecho that was presented in front of me and that is I devoured it in minutes. Wow oh wow! It is the juiciest chicken inasal I have ever tasted. They weren't kidding when they said their inasal is extremely authentic.

Isol, Atay, Gizzard, Spicy Neck, Garlic Chorizo, Chorizo Hamonado (P80 each)

It was my first time to try chicken ass (isol) and boy was I impressed. Chef Carlo told us their food is cheap for the quality and he's right. I tasted all these appetizers and they're certainly worth a lot more than just P80 each stick.

I guarantee I will be back here as their Chicken Inasal is <3.

8 Seas Food Adventure
 Store Hours: 5PM - 12MN daily

Halal Kebab Express Opens 5th Branch at Eastwood City

I have a soft spot in my heart for Persian food so when I found out Halal Kebab Express has a new branch in Eastwood, it was music to my ears.

Lasi (P70)

Yoghurt lovers will be pleased to know that HKE has their own version in the form of Lasi. They have Plain Lasi, Rosewater Lasi and Mango Lasi. The drinks are not that sweet which is perfect for those who are (kinda) watching their diet.

Beef Naan Wrap (P110 for 2 pieces)

When you hear shawarma, you'll expect a buy one take one promo and you get it in the form of the Beef Naan Wrap. I loved the bread used as it was nicely toasted. I also adore the generous amount of meat inside each wrap. It's certainly for those who are looking for a healthy alternative to rice meals.

Keema Tatali (P149)

The most popular Persian dish has got to be Keema. Here, you can have it in all its glory alongside a nice mix of veggies. My advice would be to eat their food while it is freshly cooked as it is not that good anymore when you let a few minutes pass.

Combination Kebab (Chicken & Beef) P189

There's the Combination Kebab (chicken and beef) for those who can't decide whether to get chicken or beef. This one is the perfect employee meal as there's lots of meat and rice to go around. Hence, I highly recommend this to those who are working in Eastwood.

Chicken Biryati & Basmati Rice (P260)

Last but certainly not the least was my favorite Chicken Biryani & Basmati rice. There is nothing like eating perfectly roasted chicken on top of tasty rice and veggies. This has all the makings of an unforgettable dish.

Halal Kebab Express
Le Grand Tower 1, Eastwood City

Prepare to Beat the Hot Wings Challenge at Tortuga this Friday

This Friday, get ready as Team Aldous presents Tortuga x House of Griddle HOT WIngs Challenge. With beats by Ryle Alcantara, you'll surely groove to outstanding music all night long. The event is also hosted by the very entertaining Dee Jae Pa'este with special participation from Jimlong's Chili. Joining me as media partners for this event are my #TeamAldous stablemates Nikki, Eva, Crystal and Rebecca.

How is the Hot Wings Challenge played? You'll eat 6 pieces of Carolina flavored wings and you must consume them under 2 minutes without drinking anything. If you succeed, you'll get it for free. If you lose, you don't lose much anyway since you'll just pay P169. 

That's not all! From 6 to 10 PM, enjoy the cocktail + wings promo for only P320. You have the Sneaky Tiki + Honey Sriracha, Guava Lava + Garlic Parmean, Cocomo + Korean Soy and Hisponiola + Hickory Barbeque combos. If beer is your thing, go for the Bucket of Beer + Salted Egg for P495. 

For table reservations, call or text 09162439044.

Tortuga Arrives at Poblacion

While I frequent the bars and clubs at Poblacion, Tortuga is quite new. I found out from the owner that they used to be at Katipunan. They sure picked a good spot to move to. For those who haven't heard of Tortuga, it is a Caribbean-inspired bar that has very nice interiors. How were their food and drinks? Read on:

Jerk Chicken

One menu item that we got first dibs on is the Jerk Chicken. Who doesn't like grilled chicken paired with fried plantains and mixed veggies? I know I loved it. This one will certainly stay on the menu for a long time.

Jungle Pumba (P350)

For those who love pork, their Jungle Pumba is slow-cooked pork belly with lettuce and rice. The pork is very tender too. I learned one lesson here. Never underestimate the food of a bar.

Pork Skewers

One dish that's perfect to be paired with their drinks is the Pork Skewers. The meat is cooked to perfection and it's pretty big too.

Chicken Skin (P180)

One of their best-sellers is the Chicken Skin. When I tried it, I found out why. It is fried to perfection and very crunchy too.

Espaniola (P240)

I love the selection of cocktails they have. The Espaniola is a Tequila-based Aloe vera drink with pomelo pulp. I guarantee you're going to have 3 of this before the night is over.

Sol Swizzle (P240)

This fruity cocktail contains pineapple, guyabano and rum. It's so addicting that you won't notice how many you've had by the end of the night.

Sneaky Tiki (P240)

Out of the three cocktails, this one is my favorite because it tastes like iced tea. It is actually sweet tea with vodka, bourbon and rasperry. I guess that's why.

Tip: Stay glued to their Facebook and Instagram for amazing happy hour promos. You would not want to miss out on their amazing deals.

2nd Floor, Lokal Hostel

Students Step Up in Asia Young Designer Awards

Nippon Paint names winners of the Asia Young Designer Award (AYDA) Philippines 2018

Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines, Inc. announced recently the winners for the Philippine edition of the Asia Young Designer Award (2018) in a ceremony held recently in this city.

For the Architecture category, the Gold award with a Php 50,000 cash prize was awarded to Prince Lu of UP Mindanao, while the Silver award with a Php 30,000 prize went to Megan Recato of UP Diliman.

For the Interior Design competitions, University of Santo Tomas’ Odrysa Mie Serino bagged the Gold award and Php 50,000 prize money while the Silver and Php 30,000 prize went to Jhessa Mae Romero of University of San Carlos.

Lu’s winning design, called “Neokamaigen,” is a futuristic city concept that hopes to answer housing needs in the future and prepare the Philippines for the melting of the ice glaciers that will raise water levels around the globe. Serino, on the other hand, came up with “Gunita,” a greenhouse cemetery concept that will deal with social issues like environmental deterioration and land insufficiency. This space-saving cemetery places the dead vertically inside a Manunggul Jar, a pre-historic practice where the jar serves as a burial pod.

As Gold awardees for AYDA 2018, which carried the theme “FORWARD: Challenging Design Boundaries,” Lu and Serino will go to the AYDA 2018 Regional Finals, which will be held in Singapore and compete with the best Architecture and Interior Design students in Asia. They will vie for the chance to be included in the Harvard University Graduate School of Design’s Design Discovery Program.

Aside from the major prizes, special prizes were also handed out during the glittering ceremony. For Architecture, the Best Color Concept award went to Eunice Ignacio of UST, while Best Green Innovation was collared by Jan Melvin of the Technological Institute of the Philippines. Jericho Calderon of the Far Eastern University (FEU) won the People’s Choice award, and the Most Supportive School award went to FEU with 217 entries. As for the Interior Design category, Best Color Concept award went to Cristiane Macarabe of University of San Carlos, while Nino Tayao of College of St. Benilde won both the Best Green Innovation and People’s Choice award. UST was declared the Most Supportive school for Interior Design with 36 entries.

“This year’s entries were truly out of the box and very creative, perhaps triggered by this year’s theme. Since Nippon Paint became part of AYDA, we know the entries to be very strong and in fact, we almost won the regionals before. This year, we’re optimistic that a Filipino will go to Harvard,” declares Michael Francisco, Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines General Manager.

He said AYDA 2018 is the perfect opportunity to highlight the best of the country and showcase the brilliance of the youth. He also thanked the mentors and academic partners who selflessly guided, motivated and shared their expertise to the students, and for allowing them to join. Nippon Paint, he said, is proud to shine the spotlight on these great talents through AYDA 2018.

The Asia Young Designer Award (AYDA) 2018, held at the GT-Toyota Asian Center Auditorium, is a design competition open to Architecture and Interior Design students. The AYDA 2018 judges is composed of prominent and well-established industry professionals and is supported by the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), Council of Deans and Heads of Architecture Schools in the Philippines (CODHASP), the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID), and the Council of Interior Design Educators (CIDE).

For more details, go to www.youngdesigneraward.ph or visit www.nipponpaint.ph.

Unbelievable Korean BBQ Promo at Sibyullee

Wow, I was really excited to try Sibyullee's Unlimited Korean BBQ. These days, everyone is into Korean BBQ buffets and I'm known to be a late bloomer so I'm just starting to like it. Thanks to Sibyullee, I simply adore it now.

There is only one word to describe their new promo and that is unbelievable. You just need to be at least two people and you can choose up to 10 meat selections per table. However, you can only order two at a time which is reasonable because you don't want your grill to be full of meat. In addition, there is no time limit unlike other Korean restaurants I have tried. The rates are very reasonable too.

Aside from the meat, the side dishes are also unlimited. The list includes vegetable pancake, rice, soup, mashed sweet potato, pickled radish, salad and kimchi. While my companions were feasting on the kimchi since they like spicy food, I had 3 servings of the vegetable pancake. The other sides were great too. Besides, your Korean dining experience wouldn't be complete without trying all of them.

Out of all the meat selections, I enjoyed the Soy Garlic Samgyupsal and Salt & Peppered Chicken the most. You can only imagine how many refills I had of those two. I tried all the meat selections though and they were all splendid. I recommend not eating the entire day to prepare yourself for their unlimited Korean BBQ promo. If you have a big appetite, you can indeed go all day long.

Japchae (P300)

Not included in the Korean buffet is the Japchae. However, I love Japchae so I had to order it. I was really happy at how flavorful their version is. It has everything you could ever ask for in a Japchae.

Ripe Mango Shake (P125)

Mango Banana Shake (P125)

We ended the early dinner with a couple of fruit shakes. It was a really healthy way to end the dinner as both shakes were milky and fruit which is just the way I like them.

What's not to like about Sibyullee? The service is great. In fact, the servers were focused on us if we wanted more refills. The interiors are also nice. Best of all, the food is exceptional. I will definitely come back.

G/F, Ayala Malls at the 30th
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