Yayoi Brings Teishoku to SM Megamall

Managing Directors Yvonne Yao and Jacq Gobing

Those who were lucky enough to travel to Japan should already be familiar with Yayoi as it is a famous restaurant that uses the Teishoku (set-menu) dining concept there. Since Filipinos are already used to set meals, Yayoi takes it up a notch with their ichiju-sansai which means one soup, three sides. It refers to a meal consisting of one cup of rice, one bowl of soup and three dishes (one main and two sides). They actually started 130 years ago with their first branch in Tokyo. Now, they have 300 outlets scattered over various countries like the United States, Australia, Thailand and Singapore. Now they open their first branch in the Philippines and we can't be more lucky than that.

Filipinos are no strangers to Japanese cuisine. Most Japanese restaurants specialize in one dish which could be ramen, gyoza or katsu. Yayoi offers all of that and a lot more as they have a wide variety of Japanese selections that will satisfy each type of foodie.

I was really overwhelmed by their ordering system. Aside from the physical menu, they also make use of an ipad menu where customers can just choose what they want to order then send it to the kitchen. They can even view how much longer they have to wait before their food gets served. It is indeed a nod to how technologically advanced Japanese people are. It is actually something I was expecting a restaurant to do so I am glad Yayoi finally implemented it.

Mix Toji Teishoku (breaded pork loin, fried shrimp, and sukiyaki beef simmered in special sauce and egg)

I had to try the Teishoku concept myself so I had the Mix Toji Teishoku. It consisted of breaded pork loin, fried shrimp and sukiyaki beef simmered in special sauce and egg. I loved how there were so many food in front of me. My suggestion is that the Teishoku should have a drink included with it too for a complete meal experience. I loved all the meat included as I definitely give compliments to the chef. Believe it or not, the best part is actually the rice as it is Kinme rice. Yayoi uses purely select brands of Japanese brands of rice produced in various parts of the country. It is made with a cleaning method that maintains its original deliciousness and nutrients. I really wish they can make this rice unlimited because I loved it even if I'm not a rice person.

Matcha Anmitsu

My favorite part of a meal is always the dessert and the fact that they have Matcha got me excited even more. Matcha Anmitsu consists of Green Tea ice cream with azuki beans and fruit cocktail along with black sugar syrup. It is indeed the perfect way to end a hearty meal at Yayoi.

3rd Floor, Megamall B
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Overeating at Overrice PH

Beef/Chicken Over Rice (P99)

Thanks to Team Aldous' Cranky Conscience Angel, we got to try a concept straight from New York - Halal inspired Overrice. Their space is not actually that big and there is a take out counter outside because that is how people at New York roll. They are busy people so they would rather take out their food to get back to what they are doing.

I actually thought the Beef/Chicken Over Rice means that there is too much rice there. That would doom my non-existing diet but it basically meant that it is put on top of rice. What a treat this is. Every ingredient here is also cooked in front of you so you know they are fresh.

They give you the option of choosing between their 2 sauces Crema de Mama and Pwet Goes Boom which is the most creative name for a spicy sauce I have ever seen. It does not mean it will make you fart. It means it is really spicy that your butt will explode if you have too much of it.

Beef/Chicken Gyro (P79)

The Gyros are my favorite. Nothing feels better than eating fresh Halal food when it is wrapped around like that. It is definitely healthier and yummier than a rice meal. I also recommend dipping it into their sauce. I would say this one is a must try.

Strawberry Yogurt Shake (P75)

I immediately asked the owners about the strawberries in the Strawberry Yogurt Shake since it tasted so fresh. They revealed they try as much as possible to source them out directly from Baguio. I was just in Baguio a few months ago so I know how special the strawberries there are. Trust me, you will feel like you are in the summer capital of the country when drinking this.

Beef/Chicken Over Fries (P129)

When you are coming with a date or a group then I recommend ordering the Beef/Chicken Over Fries. It is a great snack for those who are not that hungry but want to eat over catching up with friends. It definitely feels like there are a lot of things going on in that plate and that is always a good thing.

The owners being wacky

They also have Take Out Tuesdays going on. If you take out food worth at least P99 then you have a free drink.

Golan Arcade, Katipunan

Breaking Out of the Clown House

Nervous and Excited

That was what we were feeling when we were waiting for our turn to get locked inside the clown house of Breakout Manila. It was just a normal Saturday afternoon when me and four other members of the sexiest blogger group on the planet decided to get ourselves locked inside the most talked about room of Breakout Katipunan

I have always wanted to try Breakout Manila ever since I heard of it since the concept is a darn good one. Getting locked inside a room with a group of friends and trying to get out of it by solving puzzles does sound cool eh? When you solve it, you will get pictured into the wall of fame. If not then you will get #trappedforever (Insert hugot line here). 

Before entering the room, we were oriented to a set of rules. What's a game without a set of rules right? We were given a locker for us to deposit all our belongings and I was given the key to the locker. Believe it or not, I actually thought that this key might be helpful during the game as I tried using it. Unfortunately, the attempt backfired on me just like all of my ideas did. Remember in horror movies when the characters are getting hunted down by a killer and all of their phones have no signal so they can't contact anybody? The same thing will happen here but the difference is you don't have any phones to use. What a stroke of genius! Also, when there is something that says "Off Limits" then it is not part of the game. That is understandable because the air con won't exactly help you get out of the room.

me, Cohen, Shiela, Bea, Tin

In every horror movie, you have a host of characters that are so different from one another that it is easy to tell them apart. That is definitely the case with our group. You have the leader who barked commands and all of us believed her since she is the most experienced in the group. You have the hot chick who always seems to distract all of us (okay maybe just me). You have the serious nerd who is always anxious of the time left in the game because according to her failure is simply not an option. You have the love conscious goody two shoes who won't admit that her love life would end up distracting her from escaping the Clown House. Last and definitely not the least, you have the jerk who is so confident that he is one step ahead of everyone when he finds a clue only to find out that it is a false alarm and everyone is back to zero again. I'm not going to say who the characters are even though the last one is obvious (it is me!).

When we got locked inside the Clown House, a masked clown with an axe jumped out of nowhere and started chasing us. He ended up cornering us and taking his mask off and revealing that he was none other than....

....de Lima's driver. 

Okay so that did not really happen. I'm not going to spoil anything that happened in the game but I will say that it pushed us to our limit. 

The Katipunan branch also has two other rooms in the Detention and Walking Dead. I honestly can't wait to try the other two. They have two other branches at Serendra, BGC and Paragon Plaza Building. For more information including age limit and prices, visit their official website here.

Breakout Manila
315 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

Sapphire Bloc Food Revolution Part 6 - Cazuela

Spanish Colonial cuisine Cazuela is owned and operated by no less than Chef MonDay or Mon Urbano and Day Salonga. They are no strangers in the food industry with a couple of books about malunggay and a column in COOK magazine every month.

Baby Squid Al Ajillo (P235)

It was almost an all seafood dinner at Cazuela as we started things off with the Baby Squid Al Ajillo. The many years of experience of the two master chefs showed here as this dish is as good as it gets. Be aware that your teeth will get real black though.

Gambas al Ajillo (P328)

Their gambas is to die for. Anyway, shrimp cooked in any way is still good and it it helps that it is cooked by a recognized chef like Chef Mon and Chef Day. Be sure to not forget sprinkling it with lemon.

Paella Negra (P365)

The Paella Negra is carbs galore with lots of seafood. It is definintely the reason why I wished Cazuela came in the early stages in this food crawl. They are our 6th stop and that is not a good number as we were not able to appreciate their food that much since our tummies are already full. Never fear though. I will definitely come back with the family.

Tuna Ceviche (P229)

The presentation on the Tuna Ceviche looks really nice. I just wished it had more vegetables so it would help spice up the flavor of the fish.

Veal Caldereta (P708)

The Veal shank is not light by any means. It is 400g simmered in rich tomato sauce served on a bed of potato. When I got to taste it, it was very tender. If there was one word that I would use to describe it then it would be impressive.

Churros Con Chocolate (P160)

Saving the best for last, we had the Churros Con Chocolate. The thing I have with churros is that I get tired of them too fast because of it being too oily. It is a good thing the Cazuela version is not that oily. Their Churros is also for sharing so you can order one for the whole gang.

Since it was the 6th stop in the food crawl, we were already full but I observed everyone still wanted to try the food of the two celebrity chefs. I can't blame them and to top it all off, the two chefs even joined us and shared how much they love food.

Sapphire Bloc, Ortigas

Sapphire Blog Food Revolution Part 3 - Moonshine Pub

They say too many cooks spoil the broth but at Moonshine Pub, you have three trained chefs and two who are highly educated in hotel management. Now that is one formula that spells success and they have that at Moonshine.

This was by far the best quote of the day since a lot of people definitely go here for beer. Speaking of beer, they have so many alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices which is why I wished this was the last stop of the food crawl.

Green Sling (P190)

For drinks, I had the green sling and it is a mix of vodka, cucumber, basil and calamansi. For some reason, I did not feel the vodka that much as I felt more of the cucumber and basil which is a good thing. I will definitely try the rest of their signature cocktails as they all look to have an impressive combination of alcohol and fruits.


In case it is not too obvious, JFC means Chef Jehrad's Fried Chicken. His fried boneless chicken comes with mashed potato, coleslaw and lots of gravy. The looks of it alone will make you so hungry and you will not regret feasting on it as it is a delectable treat.

Glazed Bangus with Ensaladang Manga (P390)

Kalamansi Pie

Even if it is in the middle of the main courses, I could not ignore the Kalamansi Pie. I can't save it for later because it looks good and tastes even better. Tip: Be sure to request more whipped cream as that will add even more flavor to this wonderful pie.

Lamb Shank Caldereta (P590)

I love lamb and I have to say the Lamb Shank Caldereta of Moonshine is simply tender. It can easily be mistaken for another type of meat for those who are not used to eating lamb though. Just like other meat dishes, this is best eaten with a cup of rice.

They have a new pizza which is not on their menu yet. It is full of tinapa, cheese and tomatoes. I am not a fan of tinapa so I ended up removing them and it was still oh so good. I can't wait to try their other pizza choices when I come back.

Truffle Mac n Cheese (P350)

My favorite dish of the night was by far the Truffle Mac n Cheese. It is made up of 5 cheeses, truffle essence and arugula. Be sure to not ignore the arugula in this one as it is like the missing ingredient in a truffle mac n cheese.

Moonshine Pub
Sapphire Bloc, Ortigas

Sapphire Bloc Food Revolution Part 4 - Sobremesa

With Chef Benjo Tuason's experience in several cuisines, it was only a matter of time before he came up with a Peruvian/Filipino restaurant. His food is so good that I could still remember the taste of his Cochinilla when we came and reviewed one of his other restaurants, Relik Tapas Bar and Lounge. It was a good thing his newest restaurant Sobremesa became the 4th stop in our Sapphire Bloc Food Revolution.

Shrimp Ceviche (P250)

Sweet Corn Fritters (P190)

The Sweet Corn Fritters is crunchy on the outside and tasty on the inside. It is accompanied with spicy marinara sauce for those who want an extra bit of spice. I have to admit it got me addicted and it was a shame how there was not more of it.

Shrimp and Mango Salad (P280)

I'm not a big salad person since I feel it is just something that puts contents in my tummy before the main courses so I admit I did not have a taste of the Shrimp and Mango Salad. However, I asked my fellow bloggers what they thought about it. They were obviously too busy munching on the food as they just looked at me and gave it a thumbs up. No explanation required.

Bulalo Estofado (a Family Recipe) - P490

Everyone was really impressed with the Bulalo Estofado and I can't blame them. It is sweet and salty slow braised stew orange, ginger, sherry butter and kamote fries. The tender meat is what makes this dish so special. The sauce is great to mix with their fried rice too. When I go back, this will definitely be the first thing on my mind.

Peruvian Spiced Roasted Chicken Half (P380)

My eyes lit up when the Peruvian Spiced Roasted Chicken was served in front of us. I was not able to try dipping it into the sauces as I prefer my chicken as it is. This is definitely best when served with fried rice even when accompanied with potatoes. The chicken was cooked nicely and it reminded me how much I loved Peruvian Chicken.

Grilled Pork Belly (P440)

The Grilled Pork Belly is put on top of mashed potato with mango salsa on top of it. I loved the way it was cooked and it was one of those times when I could not say a single bad comment about this dish. It was near perfect.

Barako Coffee Crusted Rib Eye (300g) (P900)

With a world class chef like Benjo Tuason, you would expect nothing less than great food. The Barako Coffee Crusted Rib Eye is no exception. In fact, it is so tender that the blogger nearest to it was able to slice some parts for all of us. I loved every bite I had of it too.

Chef Benjo Tuason did it again in terms of impressing me with his food. The ambiance is nice as well and it could be a place where people can hang out after a long day's work.

Sapphire Bloc, Ortigas

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Team Aldous!

Last Saturday, the sexiest blogger group on the planet Team Aldous celebrated its third anniversary with a bang. The event was a big celebration with delicious food, unlimited drinks, incredible performances and a celebrity host at a rooftop party. Three years ago, if you told me I would be holding something like this then I would have told you that you were crazy. But fast forward three years later and we celebrate a wild journey in building a group that I am looking forward to being with every single event. It ended up being one of the best events I have ever made despite the heavy rains.

With the absence of rice, we still had some carbs in the form of create your own pasta. I loved the pasta choices and for those who don't know, the brains behind The Royal Caterer is none other than Chef Boy Logro. That's right! Mr. Yum-yum-yum-ping-ping-ping is the man in the kitchen so you can expect nothing but good quality food from them.

The Pork Kebab is a favorite that is always served in Royal Caterer events. Now that Christmas is around the corner, their food is a must for all company Christmas parties. Your company won't have an unforgettable party without good food and they will take good care of that so call them now.

Fried Lumpia

Sausage with Onion Rings

Maja Blanca

It was a good thing the Royal Caterer decided to bring out its Maja Blanca as it is something I always see in the 7 Flavors buffet spread. Every time I eat there, I never fail to get a couple and it is best when mixed with ice cream or buko pandan.

Maraschino Bakeshop delivered with their Chocolate Cheesecake and Red Velvet Cheesecake. Everyone enjoyed their sweet endings to this party. What a wonderful treat! Some of the bloggers even took home some in order to have their family taste it because it was that good. I definitely had a smile on my face when Team Aldous' Anxious Auntie Jel arrived with the cakes. I knew we were going to be headed to a happy ending and I was right. Who would not be happy with cheesecakes right?

Fantasy Kiosk provided a nice photo booth with a waterproof frame when it gets printed. There was one time when all 12 of us were able to fit in one picture and there is no better feeling than having all your friends in one photo as it will serve as remembrance of this memorable event in the future. It also showed how close we were as a unit.

Chichay Balagtas and AM^2 both performed and they were equally impressive. The best part has got to be Chichay's version of "Secret Love Song". She is definitely in a different level in terms of singing and she is still very young. There is no doubt she has a bright future ahead if she continues to pursue her singing career.

DJ Toni Tubero hosted tonight's event and I must say he did a pretty good job. I recommend him to anybody out there looking for a host for any event. His best lines were "Maglalaro naman tayo ng game...alam nyo ba un Pak Ganern?" and "Salamat sa Team Aldous Bloggers kasi kung hindi dahil sa inyo wala tayong audience ngayon".

I actually rewrote Parokya ni Edgar's The Yes Yes Show and me and Manfred sang our own version. It became a laughing stock to say the least as I ended up showing everyone that it is not really a good idea to drink before rapping. I loved my third verse though.

Tsong naman pls lang wag ka ng mayabang
Alam mo naman na ang tagal mo magblog
Ilan na ba ang nagawa ko follow up bago ka magblog 

Manfred may be heading towards a rapping career instead of law as he killed this verse:

Eh bat ibang bloggers naman kahit di sila nag vlog
Ang ginagawa nilang blog ay sobra kung sumikat
Tulad ko at ni Roch at ni Jen at si Coco
Na wala nga yatang mas-sisikat pa kahit na sino

I still loved the ending I made for the song though sang by AM^2:

Alam naman natin lahat na mahal nating ang isa't isa
Walang iwanan sa sexy squad
Sa grupong Team Aldous

The night would not have been a wild one without some vodka shots from Wild Cocktails. They had some fine drinks for everyone whether they preferred alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. As you can see, me, Jen, Issa and Jenny all drank at the same time and we all had different reactions after it.

When the night was over, I closed the event with a speech. I told the group that we went through a lot and I mean a LOT. We have been to restaurants, waxing salons, cooking classes, food parks, beach trips, team buildings and even quiz nights. I promised them the best is yet to come and this is definitely just the beginning. I would not have done any of this with another group of bloggers. Long live the sexiest blogger group on the planet!

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