A Look at Being Sustainable in the Kitchen

Sustainability in the Kitchen


Due to a huge number of ecological issues and disasters that are plaguing the world, we are slowly turning towards more sustainable ways of living. From carefully tracking our carbon footprint, to using cosmetics with biodegradable packaging, families are planning their lives around being more eco-friendly. Now, you already know how to make delicious food in your kitchen, but how do you make your kitchen sustainable? Other than the obvious decision to buy more organic-grown food, what else could you do to make it better? Actually, you can do plenty! If you’re looking to make more environmentally-conscious choices and live healthier, here are some tips that will help you out.

Make your cookware last

While the outcry against Teflon causing cancer has proven to be false, the fact still stands: non-stick surface pots and pans just don’t last very long. That kind of cookware wears out very quickly and needs to be replaced all the time, and this way you’re not just straining your budget, you’re also creating more unnecessary waste. A much better option would be cast iron or stainless steel pots and pans, and while they are expensive, it’s a definitely a worthwhile investment. A good cast iron skillet can last a family for generations if you care for it properly.

Maintain your appliances

If your blender breaks you don’t have to throw it in the trash right away. Check to see if it can be repaired – chances are that there’s just something minor that needs to be fixed. Also, always clean and put away your appliances right after use because simple regular maintenance can make them last.

Use the dishwasher

While 140 litres is used on average while washing by hand, a quick cycle in the dishwasher will use up only 13 litres of water. The dishwasher also uses less energy, and is generally simply easier and will save you a lot of time in the kitchen. When you do wash by hand, make sure to turn the tap off, and not to leave it running while you scrub at the plates.

Cook fresh

Rather than pre-packaged and frozen food, try to cook as much as you can. You’ll not only have better-tasting meals, but you’ll know exactly what’s going into the dish. You can also make your own compost from leftover foods and potentially use it to grow your own fruits and veggies in the backyard.

Switch to reusable bottles

There is nothing wrong with the bottled water. However, buying water from the stores is one of the biggest contributors to the ever-growing plastic waste, and it’s mostly a marketing trick used by the companies to get you to spend money on something you genuinely don’t need. Instead of that, a much better idea is to invest in a reusable water bottle that you can carry with you and refill whenever you get thirsty. You can simply wash it occasionally and keep it in your bag, and you won’t need to keep buying plastic bottles and creating more and more waste. 

Waste not, want not

Speaking of waste, store-bought water isn’t the only thing that’s increasing our use of plastic. For starters, simply carrying your own tote bag when you’re going grocery shopping instead of relying on what the store provides is a great step. Start reusing packaging, especially if it’s made of glass, and try to reduce your portion sizes – if you keep throwing away food because you just can’t finish those last few bites, then you’re wasting it. Either eat less or, like we’ve suggested before, use leftovers to make compost.

Make natural cleaning solutions

You don’t have to keep buying harsh (and potentially toxic) chemicals to keep your place clean. A solution of water, vinegar, and baking soda can actually work like magic to scrub the grime away, and it has no harsh scents or harmful chemicals to irritate your skin and eyes, and no fumes to hurt your lungs. You’ll also be saving up a lot of money if you switch out a few cleansing products with homemade solutions.

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens and it’s where most of the waste comes from. Keeping it sustainable is important if you’re looking to be more respectful towards the environment, so try these tips and enjoy your eco-friendly environment. 

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Diana Wills

Say Hello to Authentic Jap Food from 81 SeiHai Sushi Lounge

If 81 SeiHai has that imported feeling through its interiors, that's because it's owned by two men born and raised in the United States. Entrepreneur Chris Cordero and Chef Ronnie de Guzman combined their talents to give us this good-looking sushi bar. You can feel confident about the quality of the food as Chef Ronnie has spent 12 years cooking up great sushi in the Japanese food industry.  Are the food and drinks as good as advertised? Let's find out:

Vanilla Frappe (P120)

Mint Choco Frappe (P135)

Strawberry Okinawa (P135)

Mango Smoothie (P75)

Watermelon Smoothie (P80)

Banana Smoothie (P85)

For a Japanese restaurant, I was surprised at how affordable their drinks were. Despite the low prices, they didn't compromise on the serving size and the quality. In fact, all of them are so good that I had a hard time picking a favorite.

Salmon Sakai (P340)

Believe it or not, I had doubts about trying this dish. My doubts were immediately put to rest when I tried one. I have to say that was the last time I will ever underestimate one of Chef Ronnie's dishes.

Jalapeno Popper (P280)

Those who love spicy sushi will adore the Jalapeno Popper. The spicy tuna on top gives it a distinct flavor.

 Spicy Beef Ramen (P310)

I thought this ramen was very spicy. When I got to try it, it was just mild. That's good news for me since I have low tolerance on spices. Those who want their ramen extra spicy may want to pour more hot sauce. Oh, the meat was very tender too.

 Sisig Ramen (P330)

Seriously, I never thought I'd ever see a Sisig Ramen so I have to give props to Chef Ronnie for his creativity. It even comes with the things we're used to seeing on a sizzling sisig plate like kalamansi and egg. I highly recommend it to those who are fans of sisig and ramen.

Miso Salmon Steak with Mashed Potato (P520)

Wow, there's nothing better than fresh salmon on top of a bed of creamy mashed potates and vegetables. My cravings were officially satisfied.

 Sesame Seared Tuna with Risotto (P540)

I never liked Tuna but this dish completely changed my perception of it in a big way. It only helped matter that it was on top of risotto and veggies. I highly recommend this to not only the tuna lovers but also the non-tuna lovers. I guarantee you'll view tuna differently after trying it. I sure did.

 Beef Curry (P320)

 Chicken Curry (P250)

Both rice meals weren't spicy at all despite being given the "curry" name. Again, that's not a bad thing at all. In fact, I prefer it that way. I absolutely loved the sauces too. I felt that Chef Ronnie took his time in making the homemade sauces for these dishes. Additionally, the meat in both rice meals were very tender.

 Ninja Boat (P3600)

Don't let the price scare you off. The Ninja Boat is full of all the sushis, makis and sashimis we've grown to love. In fact, I was surprised how it fit all of that.This dish definitely fits big groups who love Japanese authentic food.

Shitake Termidor (P180)

This dish is a perfect complement to their sushi and sashimi dishes. The combination of cheese and mushroom has never been this good. Mmmmm-mmm!

 Tempura Ice Cream (P190)

Cheese Cake (P190)

Just like the head waiter told me, Tempura Ice Cream is their version of Turon with Ice Cream. I just wish you can choose the ice cream flavor that goes along with it. The other dessert we had, the cheesecake, is simply instagrammable. The taste isn't bad either as these two dishes are the perfect way to end a hearty meal at 81 SeiHai.

The sushi place is ideal for big groups at night. There are acoustic singers and DJs that perform as early as 8PM. Since it's near two of the country's top TV stations, don't be surprised if you see local celebrities hang out here. It's a great place with good food, excellent service and stunning interiors.

81 SeiHai
81 Timog Avenue, Quezon City

Teaspoon Cafe Celebrates Its 1st Year Anniversary

I can't stress enough how affordable the food and drinks are at Teaspoon Cafe. Despite the low prices, the quality is nice too. It may be a little far from the metro but I guarantee it's worth the travel. When I first came in, I saw that it's a place where a lot of students hang out. I can't blame them since the prices are student-friendly. Here are some of the food and drinks we got to try:

Fish Fillet w/ Tofu

Chinese Adobo

Squid Adobo

Beef Pares

Sizzling Porkchop

They have an amazing promo going on right now with 2 rice meals for only P199. Yes, you read that right. The choices are Beef Pares, Fish Fillet, Squid Adobo, Chinese Adobo and Sizzling Porkchop. All of them are great choices and they're generous with the serving too. It's definitely a great deal for hungry hounds like me or couples out on a date.

4-Cheese Pizza (P149)

This thin crust pizza is just oozing with 4 types of cheese. It's certainly for big groups who decide to hang out in the comfy place. Before I forget to mention, the service here is nice and fast too. Oh, the WiFi is fast as well (if it's not packed).

Cheesy Mushroom Burger (P105)

When I saw this on the menu, I just had to order it. Those who know me are aware that cheese and mushroom are my weaknesses whether it's on a pizza or a burger. This burger doesn't disappoint one bit. There's loads of cheese too and that's always a plus.

Binagoongang Bagnet (P120)

One of my favorite dishes is Binagoongang Bagnet so I love how they have their own version. It's very crunchy and tasty which is exactly the way everyone likes their bagnet. 

Hawaiian Cheesy Delight (P149)

We just had to try their Hawaiian Pizza because pineapples on pizza is always a good thing Lo and behold, their version simply ruled.

Kare-Kareng Bagnet (P135)

Perhaps, my favorite dish of the night is the Kare-Kareng Bagnet. I thought I had amnesia after I got to try their peanut butter sauce. Yes, it was that good. I'll definitely come back just for this one.

Salisbury Steak (P99)

I loved every bit of the homemade gravy put on top of their Salisbury Steak. The steak is well-cooked too. I certainly wish there was an option for it to be 2 pieces.

Potato Zesty Fries (P70)

Their Potato Zesty Fries tastes just like KFC's fries which is good if you're a fan of it. It goes pretty well with their rice meals or as an afternoon snack.

Nachos (P180)

Before leaving, we ordered this ultrasized Nachos. We thought we could still finish it but I guess we underestimated it. It's big enough for 5 to 6 people. Oh, did I mention it's pretty cheesy? Yummy!

Okinawa (P80)

Passion Fruit Shake (P70)

They have another promo where you can get the Classic and Wintermelon milk tea for only P120. For the quality of their drinks, that's such a great deal. I tried their Okinawa milk tea and it tastes a lot like the Wintermelon one. I know it's brown sugar but I can't seem to notice the difference. I also got the Passion Fruit shake and I love how it combines several fruits into one refreshing drink.

I love it when an establishment lasts long due to how hard it is to maintain a business nowadays. With that said, I have to congratulate Teaspoon Cafe on its one-year anniversary. With a great location, affordable food and yummy drinks, you can't go wrong with this place. Cheers!

Teaspoon Cafe
69 Pinagpala Street, Valenzuela

Meat Overload at Uncle Cheffy Sky Ranch

One rainy night, me and the sexiest blogger group of the planet were so hungry and craving for meat. There was only one solution for that and that's Uncle Cheffy at Sky Ranch. It's a great place for those who just rode all the fun attractions at Sky Ranch. To my delight, their meaty dishes were more than enough to satisfy our cravings.


The lone addition to Uncle Cheffy's menu for its Tagaytay branch is the Bulalo. Of course, Tagaytay is known for Bulalo and Uncle Cheffy once again delivers on their version. It's a dish that's certainly perfect for the rainy weather.

All Meat BBQ (Medium - P328, Family - P628)

Uncle Cheffy's version of the meat lover's pizza is one you shouldn't possibly miss. This baby has beef teriyaki, chicken barbeque and pork barbeque. You're supposed to roll it up with the alfalfa but I'm not really a patient person so I ate it as it is. Needless to say, this was my favorite dish of the night. Cheesy and meaty just the way I like it.

All Meat BBQ (P820)

Wow, talk about about a gigantic platter! We were 5 people and we couldn't finish this beauty. The all meat bbq platter consisted of roasted chicken, marble potatoes, beef & pork ribs and lamb breast. I enjoyed everything too as the meat was well-cooked resulting to absolute tenderness. Don't forget to try their sauces too but you may need to ask which sauce goes to which meat.

The Team with Managers and Chef of Uncle Cheffy Sky Ranch

Lovely Jenny Salad (P230)

This salad is actually a recipe from the owner of Uncle Cheffy. I'm sure those who like creamy salmon on top of salad would love it. I'm sure I did.

Cheffy Cheesecake (P150)

Uncle Cheffy's version of Dark Chocolate Cheesecake is a must try. The cheesecake isn't named after the brand for nothing.

Panacotta with Ube Vichysoisse (P120)

At first, I thought this was the panacotta I was used to eating. To my surprise, there's actually ube underneath all that creamy top. That didn't mean I didn't like it though. On the contrary, I absolutely loved it. They even used a flame thrower to make sure the crust is flaming hot.

Uncle Cheffy 
Sky Ranch, Tagaytay

The Ups and Downs of Chateau Royale

It wasn't your normal weekend as my blogger group had our annual team building at Chateau Royale. They are known as the biggest resort in Batangas so that elevated our excitement for the trip. It's pretty accessible too since it's only a 2 and a half hour drive away from Manila. Was it good or was the place as big as its hype? There's only one way to find out as I re-implement my review format of giving the good bits an up and the bad bits a down. What are we waiting for? Let's up the downs!

When we got there, we were served lunch at The Floating Restaurant. It's a place where you can feed the fish but the ponds were too dirty. Some irresponsible guests were throwing trash instead of food to the poor fishes. Maybe maintenance ought to do something about that? As for the food, we had chopsuey, roasted pork and roasted chicken. The food was alright but what bothered me were the ants that quickly piled up to our table. The servers hardly did anything about it too so this gets a down.

After that, we put our stuff in our nice room located on the third floor of the resort's Skylight Hotel. By the way, parking isn't a problem at the resort as there are LOTS of parking spots all over the place. Back to the room we had, it's a nice room with cable TV, fridge, sofa, drawers and a comfy restroom. The rooms cost 12500 for 2 pax with the promo rate at 5218. For every additional person, there's an additional fee of 1100. I loved how clean the room was when we first entered and all the useful amenities so this one gets an up.

Afterward, we headed straight to the best attraction of the resort - the Wave Pool. The waves are scheduled to happen 5 to 6 times a day so keep an eye out for that. It's not possible to request for an earlier or later time slot though so remember the schedule. I loved the concept of the wave pool as I saw how fun other guests had with the waves. There were also a lot of fun pool toys perfect for the whole family. Up!

Below the wave pool is the most interesting part of the resort because there's an aviary there. We got to interact with some cool animals including peacocks, parrots, deers and an ostrich. It was too bad the peacocks weren't able to show their colors since it was rainy season but they surely will if you stay during summer. Since I'm an animal lover, any opportunity to get up and close with them is always a great time. Up!

One place you shouldn't miss when you're at the resort is the spa as it's more than just a spa. Other than massage rooms, it's also equipped with a jacuzzi, a gym and an indoor pool. Wow, talk about a spa that's a dream come true. We found ourselves staying here for several hours. One giant up for this one.

The next day, we had the breakfast buffet at The Orchid. It was a quaint fine-dining restaurant and the choices were good too. There were beef tapa, hotdog, omelet, pancakes, pancit canton. All of them were nice choices and I couldn't count the number of times I went back to the buffet table. Up!

For the adventurous type, there's the rock climbing activity. When we got there, it looked a bit scary since there weren't any rocks, just a bunch of holes. I think this is a seasonal activity and you'll need to call someone if you want to try it. That's not a good sign because what if someone wants to try it on the spot? He'll need to wait for that person to arrive? It's a shame how an awesome activity like this needs to get booked ahead of time. Down!

Last but not the least, we took on the awesome challenge of completing their obstacle course. It's so awesome that a resort in Batangas has their own obstacle course perfect for team building activities. Now I know why there were so many companies booked on the same weekend as us. This one certainly gets a giant up.

Ups -     Downs -  2

Overall, it's a HUGE resort with so many amenities. In fact, I think I forgot to mention some since there's so many of them. I guarantee one weekend won't be enough to enjoy all the things to do here. Not only is it ideal for company team buildings, it's also great for couples and families looking for a break from the city.

Chateau Royale
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