Alex & Claude - The Ultimate Hangout

When I came to Alex & Claude, I didn't expect much. However, I was really overwhelmed. I guarantee you're going to come home with a smile on your face whenever you come here. The place is a multiple-use space so other than the healthy food available, there are a lot of things for sale.

There's a P299 buffet that includes either a cup of Nespresso coffee or unlimited soda. It's such a great price for a buffet especially in the BGC area. You have a lot to choose from in the buffet too including sushi, lumpia, roasted chicken, barbeque, chap chae and a lot more.

Don't forget about dessert! There's some treats here that satisfy your sweet cravings without making you fat.

The Ground Floor can contain 25 people and nearby offices would usually reserve this space for company bonding moments. Believe it or not, it was originally meant to be a health grocer back in April of this year. It got turned into a food mart 3 months later due to popular demand.

When you climb to the second floor, there's a spa, a tiles store and Smiggle. What's Smiggle? We were told it's a place where kid's dreams come true. It has a bunch of kiddie items that will make your kids smile.

Those who are fans of eggs would love Iltogsaeyo. It's a ready to eat roasted egg that's best eaten with coffee. Breakfast never became this good.

Lokalitea and Basic Juicery are drinks without artificial sweeteners and lots of sugar. Basic Juicery has a lot of excellent choices and my favorite is Mandarin Twist which contains Mandarin Orange, Lime, Mango and Pineapple.

Alex & Claude
F1 Global City Center, BGC

The #teamaldouson4 Press Conference Recap

Police Sirens.

Crowd Gasps.

It can only mean one thing. The Sexiest Blogger Group on the Planet has arrived. In an undisclosed location, Team Aldous recently answered media requests by holding a press conference for their 4th anniversary party that's going to be held this Saturday at Wingman. For those who missed it, here's what went down:

Aldous: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to introduce tonight's host.....................................ME! That's right! There's nobody better to host tonight's press conference than yours truly so if the members of the media are ready, fire away with your questions.

Reporter1: Uh, this is Lei from WZR FM. I'd like to ask Cohen a question.

Cohen: Yea?

Lei: Cohen, in your opinion what are the chances of your opponents for this Saturday's beer pong tournament?

Cohen: You know what, that's a nice question except that I completely forgot who our opponents are.

Lei: Well, they're...

Cohen: Am I asking you, darling? I'm asking my partner over here. Mish, who are our opponents?

Mish: Baaaabe, I don't know.

Cohen: Exactly! It doesn't matter who our opponents are. Bring on whoever's unlucky to be on the opposing side and we'll keep stacking them down like a bunch of dominoes.

Reporter2: I have a question for Joy.

Joy: That's Mrs. Sy to you.

Reporter2: I just want to ask if you'll be applying any feng shui to help your team's chances this Saturday?

Joy: Are you kidding me? Do you think we need luck?

Reporter3: Kristine here from Ch. 5. My question is for Ri.

Reann: Yeah, that's me.

Kristine:  Since you're not too fond of alcohol, are you worried at all for this weekend's main event?

Reann: You should be asking our opponents. In fact, I feel sorry for whoever will clean the toilet that night because all our opponents will end up vomiting there.

Aldous: Okay, you guys are in luck. We have time for one more question.

Reporter4: This is Ryan from WAZE FM. My question is for you, Captain.

Aldous: I'm sure you didn't get lost going here, Ryan. Now, what's your question?

Ryan: Due to the amount of experience you have, do you think you have this game in the bag?

Aldous: You know, if it's one thing I hate it's OLD AGE JOKES! Press conference adjourned!


Choose Josiah's for Your Catering Needs

Making Life’s Milestones More Memorable

Josiah’s Catering Has the Flavors and Design Concepts for All Occasions

Celebrating life’s milestones must be memorable. Whether it’s a wedding, an 18th birthday, a graduation or a golden anniversary, a milestone event is a once-in-a-lifetime moment shared by the celebrants and the people close to their hearts. Because it deserves to be extra special, Josiah's Catering always adds inspirations to all kinds of milestone celebrations with good food and unique design concepts. 

 "The secret is in the details. No matter what occasion is being celebrated, everything must be perfect—even the smallest things—from the menu to the choice of color, souvenirs, flower setup, and table-setting, among others," says Josh Versoza, Chief Marketing Officer of Josiah’s Catering.  

 As a banquet specialist, Josiah's Catering has built its expertise through its long years of service, making all kinds of gathering an event to remember.

It begins with the food. The wide selection in its menu covers a variety of preferences. Josiah's Catering can prepare a nine-course meal, cocktails, and a complete lineup of desserts from English sweet treats and buffet de chocolat. "The food must be on point because it’s one of the first things your guests will remember. That’s why we prepare our dishes with the freshest ingredients to bring joy and satisfaction to any occasion,” Josh explains.  

Creative Design Concepts for All Occasions

To complement the delectable flavors in its menu, Josiah’s Catering innovates event styling with a roster of design concepts that can match any occasion. Each design concept can bring your imagination to life. 


You can express your sense of nationalism with the beauty of Filipino style. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you can have your own Westeros-inspired celebration. A bohemian chic décor matches bright and complementing colors for a lively atmosphere. Josiah’s Catering can make these and more inspirational designs from simple to avant-garde. 

“If you have a creative event concept in mind, we can work with you to turn your dream celebration to life,” says Josh.  


With the help of its partners and suppliers, Josiah’s maintains its high standards in quality and style. From the décor to souvenirs, everything is handcrafted and created with meticulousness. 

A Milestone Celebration Your Guests Will Remember

Because of its commitment to quality service from food tasting up to the last minute of the celebration, Josiah’s Catering has been receiving positive reviews from its clients. 

“Our experience with Josiah’s was truly magnificent. The entire crew knew what they were doing, there was no traffic during the buffet, the guests were properly guided in the buffet table, and the VIP guests were served accordingly. We all heard positive feedback from our guests, especially for the food! Even after the wedding day, we still receive messages from our guests regarding how sumptuous the meal was,” couple Lloyd and Jessica said in a review. 

Indeed, celebrating a milestone brings joy people. That’s why you should give your trust to those who can make it unforgettable. With the expertise of Josiah’s Catering in bringing flavors and life to celebrations, making any kind of occasion memorable is guaranteed. 

To know more about Josiah’s Catering, visit their website < > or call (+632) 475-2703.

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse Opens 2nd Branch at UP Town Center

Everybody knows that a juicy rack of perfectly smoked ribs is hard to resist. What others do not know is that behind the fall-off-the-bone deliciousness are long hours of work spent to reach the most rewarding taste and tenderness it can get.

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse has perfected this meticulous process of cooking pork spare ribs from their years of being in the business. "Time and temperature are two things that we give much attention aside from the ingredients. All our pork spare ribs are cooked with the same, exact formula that's fail-proof – low and slow,"Chef Jasper Versoza shares.

For 10 straight hours, a rack of pork ribs is smoked with the right amount of heat. This allows the release of flavor in each layer of the meat without compromising its tenderness. Picking a good rack of pork ribs also matters. Its thickness should be even to ensure that all sides will be cooked on the same level. To enhance the taste, the smoked ribs are complemented with a barbecue sauce that gives a strong burst of flavors in every bite.

"Apart from the quality of meat and sauce, it's the entire process that brings the irresistible juiciness, moist, and flavor of our all-time favorite smoked ribs," Chef Jasper Versoza explains.

Meticulousness attention to detail, patience, and dedication are the true ingredients of perfectly smoked ribs. Chef Jasper adds, "Since our first branch, we have been devoting a huge amount of time to master this technique because everyone deserves a platter of pork ribs smoked to perfection.”

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse was a brainchild of Versoza siblings who have a hankering for all things smoked and grilled. This desire prompted them to establish a smokehouse that will satisfy the comfort food cravings of foodies in the metro. The result is a Southern USA-inspired smokehouse and barbeque restaurant that serves a rich array of smoked and grilled food choices, including pork ribs, smoked wings, smoked beef brisket, and other meat dishes.

Now, Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse has expanded with branches in Marikina and the one we got to try - UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue.

Buttermilk Fried Livers (P210)

I was never a fan of livers as I used to set it aside when it's included in dishes I order. However, that all changed when I got to sample the buttermilk fried livers. I really wish liver was served this way more often.

Jera's Ultimate Pulled Pork and Bacon Nachos Half (P330)

The most popular appetizer in the whole world has got to be nachos. It's prepared fast and it keeps you in check while waiting for the main courses. Their version made me a fan quickly since it's loaded with pulled pork, bacon and lots of cheese.

Pulled Pork Tacos (P230)

I love tacos and it was no secret how much I loved their pulled pork tacos. It contains smoked pulled pork, tomatoes and lots of cheese. I really have to applaud Chef Jasper for this dish as it instantly became one of my favorite tacos of all time.

Daddy's Burger (P350)

When you have smoked meat as the specialty, there's gotta be a burger right? HELL YES! I was excited like a kid getting his first candy when this was served it front of us. On my first bite, I found out the burger is juicy and tasty too.

Smoked Ribs and 3 pcs. Sausage

We finally got to sample their much talked about meat and I was really impressed. I could tell the meat was cooked to perfection before being served. They certainly take the quality of their meat seriously.

Mac & Cheese (P170)

Hot Mess (P170)

The Mac & Cheese and Hot Mess are two sidings that are PERFECT to go along with their smoked meats. They're so cheesy too and I'm sure nobody will complain about that. 

Chiquito's Grilled Corn (P135)

I've never tasted corn that's better than Chiquito's Grilled Corn. It was one of those rare times when I wanted to get my hands on the recipe.

Smoked Beef Brisket 200g (P550)

My favorite smoked meat here is without a doubt the beef brisket. I was addicted to it right from the first bite.

Caramel Popcorn Milkshake (P195)

Smokey Maple Bacon Milkshake (P195)

I'd seriously consider coming back to Fat Daddy's just for this milkshake alone. It's the first time I tasted a milkshake that contains bacon bits and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Of course, it doesn't hurt that it's combined with creamy vanilla ice cream.

Peach Cobbler (P250)

Bacon S'mores Dip (P250)

I've had S'mores before but never with bacon. I was never actually a fan of this chocolatey dish but it became a lot better with bacon. It looks great in this pic and it tastes even better.

Overall, I'm really happy Fat Daddy's Smokehouse opened a branch in Quezon City. Now, I don't have to go to their Marikina branch to satisfy by smoked meat cravings.

Fat Daddy's
Level 1, UP Town Center, Katipunan