Buddha Bar Celebrates 6th Anniversary

How ironic is it that the country's only 6-star nightclub celebrates its 6th anniversary. Being a regular goer of bars and clubs, it's rare I see a nightclub that lasts that long. With that being said, this is such an amazing accomplishment so I tip my hat out to the amazing staff of Buddha Bar. 

The Red Thread Band serenaded us throughout the night with amazing music. Some folks even showed some moves on the dance floor. What a fun night it was!

Whenever you're in Makati, make sure to drop by Buddha Bar. There's no doubt you'll appreciate the posh interiors, excellent food and great service of this highly recommended place. Happy Birthday, Buddha Bar!

Buddha Bar
Kalayaan Ave, Makati

Experience Verdict X at Chaos

Last year, you got caught in the current!
Now on its 10TH YEAR, we're ready to keep you up all night in the BIGGEST MED-LAW PARTY IN THE COUNTRY
The Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity of the UP College of Medicine and the Regina Iustitiae Sorority of the Ateneo School of Law,
together with,
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Philippine Wacoal Corp.
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Swish Mouthwash
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Vista Residences
proudly present,
Awaken this February 24, 2018 at Chaos at City of Dreams Manila
Tickets are priced at P500. For inquiries, you may contact Ric De Vera at 0977 048 9924, or Ina Ongsiako at 0939 920 7043.
VERDICT X: Despierto is in cooperation with,
Camella Homes
Ruben's Ube Halaya
SIP Purified Water
Suntrust Condominium
Trizon Medical Solutions, Corp.
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also brought to you by,
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and our partner organizations,
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Medici Omnes Duciens (MCU)
Mu Alpha Rho Service Fraternity (PLM)
Mu Sigma Epsilon
Phi Lamda Delta Sorority (UP Manila)
Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila (UP Manila)
UPLB Pre Medical Society (UP Los Banos)

Try Classic American Comfort Food at Soul Potato

When people find out I'm a food blogger, they would always ask which cuisine is my favorite. I always take a few moments to think and tell them I prefer American. However, I don't get the chance to eat American food that much because of how pricey they usually are. It's a good thing a savior came along in the form of Soul Potato as they serve extremely affordable and delicious comfort food.

 Shepherd's Pie (P160)

I love pies and the Shepherd's Pie is a pie after my own heart.It has Aussie Beef in tomatoes and bell peppers with mashed potatoes, potato crisps and mozzarella on top. Wow, I wish I wasn't sharing this with anybody.

 Country Fried Pork in 'Shroom Gravy (P180)

I haven't tasted a lot of mushroom gravies and from the ones I tasted, Soul Potato's mushroom gravy has got to be up there. Of course, that's not overlooking the taste of the country fried pork because that was great too.

 Hickory BBQ Pork Steak (P180)

From the first bite, I knew right away the Hickory BBQ Pork Steak was cooked well-done. As a result, I loved every bite I took. Don't forget to dip it into the BBQ sauce too. What a winner!

 Baby Back Ribs (P260)

We were lucky to have first dibs on their Baby Back Ribs, a dish that's not schedule to come out on their menu until next week. Well, what can I say? It's going to be one significant addition to an already stacked menu. The meat is "fall off the bones" and the bbq sauce is magnificent. 

Crispy Chicken Cheese Melt (P180)

I love cheese and I absolutely LOVED the cheese on the Crispy Chicken Cheese Melt. It's also loaded with lots of tomato sauce and that's never a bad thing.

Grilled Chimichuri Tomahawk Chops (P230)

They saved the best for last as we had the Grilled Chimichuri Tomahawk Chops last. The meat is so tender that you won't have a hard time slicing it. Just as I expected, it was fried to perfection. I'll definitely come back for this.

For heart-warming comfort American food, visit Soul Potato.

Soul Potato
Devour Food Park, Quezon City

Improved Local Favorites at Mama Tess Sizzling Avenue

If Mama Lou's is the mother of Italian cuisine, Mama Tess has got to be the Mom of Filipino Cuisine. I never thought I'd see classic Filipino dishes like balut, kare kare and bulalo in a food park setting but they brought it at Devour. Did they do a good job? Here's what I thought:

 Sizzling Balut (P115)

When you have tourists ask you which local food they must try, you'll most likely say, "Balut" right? If that's the case, recommend this sizzling balut from Mama Tess. You'll forget about the many times you bought from Manong Balut. The only thing you'll complain about is there's only 4 of them.

 Kare Kare Sulit Meal (P210)

My favorite Filipino dish is by far Kare Kare so I was very happy when I found out they were serving it to us. Their version is without a doubt one of the best I have ever tasted. It's certainly a great fit to pair up with their meaty dishes such as the Sisig and the Bulalo. Speaking of the Bulalo...

 Classic Bulalo Sulit Meal (P210)

 Sizzling Bulalo for Sharing (P280)

We were served Bulalo in two ways: the classic way and the sizzling way. I loved both as the meat was very tender so compliments to the chef. Of course, there's nothing like the classic Bulalo as I can't stop sipping on the soup.

Sizzling Laing Sulit Meal (P170)

I have to be honest. I was never a fan of laing. Whenever I'm shown a menu and I'm looking at the vegetable options, laing is the last thing on my mind. However, that changed in a big way when I sampled the laing of Mama Tess. I admire her for coming up with a fantastic recipe for this great dish.

Words can't describe how much I've enjoyed the food at Mama Tess Sizzling Avenue. I really hope they'll get their own spot soon. They appear to be the next big thing in the competitive food industry.

Mama Tess Sizzling Avenue
Devour Food Park, Quezon City

Enjoy Delectable Sweet Treats at Crafty Creamery

Have you been to Pop Tate's Milkshake Parlor? Of course not! It's a fictional place at Riverdale for crying out loud. However, the closest thing you can get to being there and hanging out with Archie and company is to visit this quaint dessert place at Devour Food Park. Hint: Prepare for ENORMOUS milkshakes at Crafty Creamery

 Manggo Banggo (P160)

My favorite out of the 3 milkshakes served has got to be Manggo Banggo. Manggo lovers won't be disappointed as it's got mango ice cream, meringue, mango syrup, mango jam, roasted nuts and butter biscuit. I was literally in cloud 9 with every sip I took.

 Campfire (P170)

One milkshake perfect for campers (maybe even glampers?) is Campfire. It's packed with choco ice cream, toasted mallows, graham, brownies, choco syrup and choc chips. It's a sinful treat and an unforgettable one too.

Creme Brulee (P190)

To add a cotton candy burrito, you just have to add P30 and your milkshake becomes even more Instagrammable. You won't need to do that with one of their best sellers, the Creme Brulee though. Get a load of these goodies in it: cheesecake ice cream, meringue caramel, cookies, wafer, cotton candy. To be honest, it was hard to think about starting to drink it because it's such a masterpiece. When you start drinking it, you'll feel glad you did.

After enjoying the excellent food selections, don't forget to try the sweet treats at Crafty Creamery. You won't regret it!

Crafty Creamery
Devour Food Park, Quezon City

The Ups and Downs of The Coast Food Park

Food parks have been popping up all over the country and we came across this quaint one at Malabon. Before getting to their food, I just wanted to try this new format - The Ups and Downs. It was inspired by videos of the same name by the good folks at Whatculture. Basically, I will give the good bits an up and the bad bits a down. At the end of this article, you'll have an idea whether you'll give the Coast Food Park a visit or not. So, enough of me let's do the Ups and Downs!!!

We start with this quaint Filipino cuisine called Chelle's Diner. We were able to sample their pancit canton and pata tim. Did I like their food? Yes, I did! An up for them. In fact, one of the bloggers were so satisfied with the pancit that he ordered another one. I didn't waste any time in calling him Pancit Man after that.

Wow, talk about a heavy dinner. We had two giant steaks namely the Porterhouse and the T-Bone from Steaks & Sizzles next. When they landed on our table, I noticed they weren't sizzling. Why not? That may have contributed to the steaks being a little hard to chew. Unfortunately, this part gets a down for me. Of course, it would be a whole different story if it was presented in a sizzling plate. ;)

We got the White Ramen and the Takoyaki from Hanabi. The ramen was kind of alright but there were too many bonito flakes on the Takoyaki. Since I'm not a fan of bonito flakes, this one's getting a down. That could easily be reversed when I get to try their other tempting selections though.

I rarely see a Longganisa-themed placed so my curiosity got the best of me in trying the food of Salongganisa Atbp. I enjoyed every bite of the Longganisa Party, Hinilongganisa and the Minaisang Longganisa. They get a loooong up! This is probably the only longganisa party I'd want to go to (if you know what I mean)

I remember someone telling me that when you see a food park, you'll most likely see a giant squid. He wasn't kidding as Hungry Pirate got us this enormous one and the best part about it is it was still moving. It tasted really good. I suggest eating it while it's still fresh as it won't taste that good anymore when it gets cold. As a result, they get an up as big as the squid.

Rox to Go! gave us the Overloaded Pizza and it's loaded with all the toppings we're used to seeing including bell pepper, onions and ham. Nothing to complain about here! In fact, it was so good that the other bloggers took home a whole pizza each. They were obviously curious about the other flavors. Up!

Sebastian's Fish Bowl drinks gave us Dazzling Ariel (Pink Lemonade), Sebastian's Fishbowl (Strawberry Slush) and Peppy Flounder(Green Cucumber). I loved the concept of this stall and the drinks weren't that sweet either. As a result, it gets an up!

Wing Lovers won't feel left out as Hot & Ready has a lot of tempting flavors. We got to try their Signature Buffalo and Garlic Parmesan wings. Those who love spicy food would love their signature buffalo. Those who know me know that I love parmesan wings and I loved their version so they're getting an up.

If you have a stall named Street Shakes, you must be expecting milk shakes named after famous streets in the country, right? That's exactly what you're going to get as we got to try Shawberry Boulevard and Matcha-ti Avenue. Being a Matcha lover, I wasn't expecting a lot from their Matcha milkshake but it exceeded my expectations. Up!

For a sweet ending to your wonderful meal, hop over to Scoops and Drizzle. We got a couple of customized egg waffles and one had lots of strawberries in it. It's like a crepe cone but crepe is substituted with waffle. Being a fan of dessert, both goodies had a lot of my favorite sweet stuff so it's an up for me.

Last and certainly not the least, we had a couple of cocktails since it's a Saturday night. We had the Chokeslam (Brandy + Chocolate Slush) and Love Potion (Brandy + Strawberry Slush). I loved both cocktails so this gets an up.

Final Tally: Up =      9     Down = 2

I highly recommend going to the Coast Food Park if you live near the area. They've got amazing food and live bands at night. If you're lucky, you may even catch the owner of Salongganisa Atbp singing her version of Secret Love Song. How will you know it's her? Oh, you'll feel it.

Don't agree with my opinions? Let me know in the comments section. Don't forget to like The Coast Food Park and me on Facebook.