Denden's Baking Room Brightens Up the Quarantine with Cookies & Cream Puffs

We all need a bit of cheering up nowadays since we are all stuck at home. Leave it up to the Gallemaso sisters to give us awesome desserts in the name of those two Cs. Yep, that's cookies and cream puffs. We all know you should always leave room for dessert after every meal and that is where they come in. Here is their mouth-watering menu:



It was hard choosing among all their awesome flavors so it was best to take the sampler which includes a sample of each flavor.



Oh wow! I just can't enough of their cream puffs. I tried to tell myself to just get one or two then save some for tomorrow but I just can't stop eating one after the other. That is not undervaluing the cookies as they are great too.


To order message their Instagram

Cook-a-Mudra Takes High-Quality Desserts to the Next Level

Cook-a-Mudra is a new business by former ABS-CBN employee Marlyn Gatus. She started the business due to what happened with the network. She chose Mudra because that is what her younger colleagues call her. 

All these yummy desserts are baked fresh when you place your order. Thus, better be patient. It is the same reason why you can't expect that your same day orders will be granted. They are worth the wait though.

These lovely pecan pies are loaded with lots of pecans. Not only whole pecans but chopped ones as well. It is safe to say pecan fans would love this one. I need to get something out of me though. I AM SO ADDICTED TO THESE PECAN PIES!!! Ahh, that feels good to let that one out.

The white chocolate pistachio cookies are loaded with a lot of white chocolate, oatmeal, and pistachios. The best part about it is the price because it is only 350 for 12 cookies. I am used to seeing P400 for 8 cookies or even less for other bakers. Alas, this is such a great deal that should be taken advantage of even if you are not a fan of cookies. Trust me, you will be once you try it.

For orders, kindly message Cook-a-Mudra Instagram.

4 Popular Homemade Dishes Made from Berde Eats Ingredients

I love how there are vegan online groceries like Berde Eats so you don't have to leave home in order to do some grocery shopping in this pandemic. The amount they will give you already includes the delivery fee so there is no need to worry about booking a rider. 

They also have a ton of vegan condiments and desserts which makes it easier for those who are eager to go to vegan. Here are a few dishes that we got to make at home using stuff we bought from Berde Eats:

This is vegan cheeseburger made from their burger patties (same as the one at Cosmic) and Emmental cheese. It really reminds me of the McDonald's version except that no cows were harmed and calves were not separated from their mothers. That is not even mentioning there are a lot less calories in this cheeseburger. Just make sure the bread has no milk in it.

Next, there is the truffle mac and cheese made with their vegan truffle cheese and vegan hotdog. I put in some almond milk for the finishing touches and you have this amazing beauty right in front of you. You know what you need to do next, right? Dig in!

It is awesome how Berde Eats also has vegan meaty spaghetti sauce and vegan giniling. You just need spaghetti noodles and you already have a vegan spaghetti party platter. They say it is the easiest dish to make and it is now made healthier with the right Berde Eats ingredients.

When I saw Berde Eats has vegan bagoong, the first dish I thought about is Pinakbet. Their vegan bagnet is also tossed in there for good measure. Seriously, who doesn't like Pinakbet with Vegan Bagnet? This is simply one of my favorite Filipino dishes of all time with all that vegetables.

To find out the entire list of their items and how to order, click here.

Jilly Introduces the Thicc Series

Fashion Designer Jolleen started out Jilly (the name of her Mom) as a hobby in this pandemic. It suddenly became a small business. Now, she introduces the Thicc Series. 


I got the Oreo and M & M cookies and the cookies are HUGE. They are like the size of my palm. I swear I have never seen cookies this big before.



I guarantee you are getting your money's worth (only P200!) with the size of these cookies. There are a lot of toppings stuffed in these cookies. It won't be long before you would want another bite of these tasty flavorful cookies. 


Contact 09167776108 to order.




The Pomento Sisters on Pomkin Bakes and Life During the Pandemic

Who would have thought 2020 would be like this? With a worldwide pandemic on our hands, we are all forced to quarantine ourselves and work from home. While some of us watch all the series on Netflix (definitely not me), some people decided to put up a new business. One great example is the Pomento Sisters.

It was one night during the ECQ when Jhayzel, Jhaznay, Jayriel, and Jumbell decided to start a business to help pay the bills at home. A lot of ideas were tossed around but they eventually decided the cookie business since Jayriel likes to bake. Alas, Pomkin Bakes was born and their first flavor was Ube since it was a thing at that time

Aldous ate the World sat down with the Pomento Sisters for a quick chat about their cookie business and a lot of other sweet stuff. Yes, it was a group chat. They are from Laguna and I'm from QC and none of us were willing to meet halfway. They also thought I was too hot for Zoom (One of those statements is a lie) Also, you can feel how nervous I was!

AATW: Thank you for joining me today, ladies. How are you doing during these tough times?

Jhayzel: Hey Aldous! Quarantine is crazy! But all is good naman.

AATW: Pomkin Bakes is such a brilliant concept but may I ask what is each of your background before getting into this?

Jhayzel: Jumbell and I used to work for Ayala Land but we resigned now, Jhaznay stayed in ALP and Jayriel is currenty a student. 

AATW: Looking at all your yummy cookies, I can't help but wonder which is your favorite flavor and why?

Jumbell: Red Velvet is my favorite flavor ever since, and its flavor being in cookies made me love cookies even more. I like the sweetness, texture, and cream cheese inside. 

Jhayzel: Honey Butter is two of my favorite flavors in one and it is both sweet and salty.

Jhaznay: For me, chocolate chip it is as it never gets old.

Jayriel: I don't think I have a favorite cookie as it depends on what I'm craving for that day.


AATW: Wow, you just all made me crave your cookies yet again. So what's keeping you all busy aside from your brilliant business?

Jhayzel: Some of us are busy dying hair, changing colors, cutting hair, and having bangs haha I don't know if I can call it busy but I take my time to get a good workout at least twice a week.

Jumbell: I model on the side and Jhaznay still works from home for Ayala Land Premier.

Jayriel: I watch TV series and see what's up on online dating sites.

AATW: Wow, I don't know anything about that. Is that where you swipe right if you like em and swipe left if you don't?

*cricket sounds*

AATW: My next questions is definitely your phone numbers.

Jhayzel, Jumbell, Jhaznay, Jayriel have left the room.

AATW: Wow, it's MIRC chat all over again.

Pomkin Bakes Menu



Boost Immune System by Drinking Cosmic Juice from Eve's Garden

While in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, the best thing we can do is to avoid getting sick. One way to do that would be to boost our immune system by exercising regularly and eating/drinking the right food and drinks.

Enter the Cosmic Juice..

From Eve's Garden, it is the best drink right now that will boost your immune system. It contains natural ingredients that were primarily chosen to give your body a significant boost. There are a lot of benefits other than strengthening the immune system including lowers cholesterol levels, fights diabetes, heals wounds, cures fever, and speeds up the metabolism.


The Cosmic Juice contains a lot of fresh healthy ingredients including fresh fruits, coconut sugar, sili leaves, spinach, saging na saba, saluyot, and malunggay. It is also available in beginner, and regular packages. 



It would be advisable to shake well first before drinking. Also, it would be best to consume immediately. Contact 09167996924 to order.

Cruelty-Free Vegan Options at Happymilk

It is so heartbreaking to realize how cows are treated each day. Baby calves are separated from their mothers after they get raped just for their milks. How any human can accomplish such a dastardly act is beyond me. I love flavored milk though so it is a good thing I came across Happymilk with their vegan options.



You have the option of almond and soya as your milk then mix it up with their four flavors of mango, passionfruit, strawberry, and blueberry. The first drink I got was mango almond and it is a pretty nice combination. The mango bits were a bit tasty too. My advise would be to put lots of ice on this drink.



I also got Almond Strawberry and both bottles cost P175 which is not bad considering its size. The more you order this type of milk, the more you support baby calves getting the opportunity to be with their mothers. Remember to consume this drink immediately or store it in the freezer then consume within 3 days. Send a message to their Instagram to order.