My 8 Favorite Dishes of All Time at 8 Tables

I'm always on the lookout for amazing vegetarian or vegan restaurants near me. I quit eating meat a few months ago so I am looking for plant-based meat substitutes. I found out about 8 Tables in a Facebook group I joined. After my first time eating here, I found myself coming back again and again and again. 

8 Tables has an extensive menu containing guilt-free dishes. All of them are plant-based so go do yourself a favor by feasting here. Here are my 8 favorite dishes of all time:


When I was a kid, Lengua was my favorite dish. When I found out it is actually pig's tongue, I stayed away from it as much as possible. Nobody should want to eat a poor animal's tongue. I was giddy when I found out 8 Tables has their own version of Lengua and it really tastes close to the original. The sauce is really superb. Two thumbs up for me.

 Binagoongan (P250)

What I love about Binagoongan is that it is pretty crunchy. 8 Tables made sure that happened and a whole lot more with their version. I was also glad that they added a bunch of eggplants to it. Anything with eggplant is always great.

 Salisbury Steak (P250)

Salisbury Steak is one of their rice meals as it also comes with sides. I have to admit I did not know the difference between their salisbury steak and the one from Jollibee. Good thing, I quit eating fast food a long time ago. Their version is pretty solid.

 Tempura (P250)

When I go to 8 Tables, which is quite often, I would always order Tempura. It is a nice source of protein and it combines well with their other meat dishes for me. Also, I love the sauce that comes with it.

 Yang Chow Fried Rice (P180)

Their Yang Chow rice is best paired with any 2 of their entrees. I always order this when I'm really hungry which happens a lot. It is pretty flavorful which is exactly how I like my fried rice.

 Pancit Habhab with VPrawn (P265)

Because of how good the Pancit Habhab with VPrawn is, I have yet to try the other pasta/noodles options of 8 Tables. I love the vegan sausage that was mixed here too aside from the VPrawn. I don't know if it is just me or the VPrawn may be different from their VTempura. Both are great though.

Krispy Kare Kare (P320)

Kare-kare is my favorite Filipino dish and this is one dish I always order at 8 Tables. It is crispy because of how they deep fry the tofu. I like combining it with their Yang Chow Fried Rice. It is just a combination that makes me want more until I am so full.

Vulalo (P280)

I first found out about 8 Tables when it was the rainy season last year so I tried Vulalo.This is indeed a lot better than the version with dead cow meat. I just wish one day people would realize it is not right to kill animals especially cows as they are friends and not food.

Those were my 8 favorite dishes of all time. I said of all time because some of the above items may have been taken off the menu since they are consistently adding new things to it. 8 Tables is now my favorite restaurant. I get to have all my favorite dishes guilt-free.

8 Tables
Congressional Ave, QC

Anti-Beach Body Dinner at Jeepney Stop

We were finally done with the beach at Boracay so no more swimming. We were really happy since it was our flight tomorrow and it was time for us to eat a lot. We were choosing a restaurant among a row of many awesome restos and we chose Jeepney Stop because there were a lot of people there.

We tried the Crab Fried Rice and it was tremendous. I had a hard time putting into words how good it is. In fact, there were times when I dreamed of it.

It does not get any sinful than their Pork Ribs. They used such a great sauce that I asked the server what it is. The meat was cooked right too.

All Photos from Jeepney Stop Facebook
Guest Post by Angel Tuscano

Heavy Breakfast at Jeepney Stop

We wanted to start the day off by having a nice meal. We certainly did not make a wrong decision when we decided to go for Jeepney Stop. I saw a lot of tourists there so I assumed that they have authentic Filipino food and I was right.

Since we wanted something a bit light, we went for the Chinoy salad. It is salad with some Chinese ingredients on it. We loved this and with the amount of vegetables, we thought it was pretty healthy.

We got some Kare-kare too and I love this Filipino dish. In fact, it has been my favorite for quite a while and the Jeepney Stop version certainly made a mark on my taste buds.

Guest Post by Coco Lopez
All Photos from Jeepney Stop Facebook

United States and Philippine Presidents Agree to Switch Countries for a Week

In an experiment regarding battling the COVID-19, the presidents of the United States of American and the Philippines decide to switch countries for one week to see if the other can do a better job of leading the country. Both got a lot of criticism for how they handled the COVID-19 so it will be interesting to see how this will work.

It remains to be seen whether the United States president will receive the Philippine president's "special powers" that were given to him. When asked about it, the former said, "I don't need no special powers. I am invincible. I am like a combination of Captain Barbell and Iron Man."

He was also asked for comment regarding mispronouncing a bunch of words at a recent press conference. Needless to say, he didn't take those words too kindly. "I love the Philipweens. I have been here before. Yeah, like Cohon, Borakway, and Ilogos.  The Bayut is also derishus.", he said.

Meanwhile, the Philippine president was asked about whether he has seen Tiger King on Netflix and he responded with, "Yes, I believe the Tiger King has tested positive for corona beerus."

The Philippine president was also asked about the first thing he will do when he gets to the United States and show that he is a good leader. He responded with "Shempre pipinturahan ko un White House ng Bayolet para hindi mabugot doon!"


Happy April Fool's Day!

Mad Monkey Hostel Bangkok - A Gem in the Busy City

During the lockout season because of COVID-19, I can't help but miss traveling. I really miss the time when I went to Thailand last year. The country is great and I can't wait to go back. We went to Bangkok and we chose to stay at Mad Monkey Hostel Bangkok.

The hostel is in a great location pretty close to Khao San Road. The street is known as a backpacker district and it comes alive at night. There are also a bunch of street vendors selling authentic Thai street food. You haven't been to Thailand until you got to try those food choices and there were so many to choose from. The Pad Thai there is incredibly cheap.

We had a private room and it was pretty clean. It is a personal preference but I loved the fact that the comfort room had a strong bidet. They also had a bar and it is open to the public similar to what I experienced in other Mad Monkey hostels. There is also a 711 just right across so you can buy what you need.

When we were there, there was a beer pong tournament that we ended up losing. That does not matter as it was just for everyone to have a lot of fun and we surely had a great time.

Just like other Mad Monkey hostels I have been to, they also have a specialty hard drink and if you drink it, you get one point for your country. It is actually a great concept.

The view from our room was amazing. There were a lot of backpackers just chilling by the pool.

We met a lot of backpackers throughout our stay here in Mad Monkey Hostels Bangkok. I actually could not wait to book a stay in another Mad Monkey hostel. Everything is just amazing and I can't really find any fault in it. You really have to take advantage of your young years.

Before we left the hostel, I decided to take a quick dip in the pool. I actually had it all to myself and I loved the fact that it had a lot of floating toys.

Tummy-Filling Lunch Before the Beach at Hobbit Tavern

We decided to have lunch in the D'Mall area and we came across this wonderful restaurant that has short people as the servers. It is a great concept that I really support. We were looking to get something to eat before going to the beach. We did not want to eat that much because you know, you don't want to look fat in your swimming attire.

We had the Chicken Schnitzel and I really like the way they cooked this dish. It is never a good practice to leave leftovers and this dish definitely deserve that. It is that good and I would not want to leave leftovers just for the sake of having a nice beach body.

We also had the Prawns in a Blanket. I have to give props to the chef for a magnificent dish here. Shrimp wrapped in bacon is always great.

All the people from Hobbit Tavern were very friendly. I even asked some of them travel advice about Boracay and they were more than happy to oblige.

All Photos Taken from Hobbit Tavern Facebook
Guest Post from Cohen Lopez


Is Panda Express Worth The Wait?

When Panda Express finally opened, I wanted to try it. It got me curious enough. I wanted to know if it is just one of those overhyped restaurants or if it is really good. I found out that there is a reason for those long lines. People are not just curious. They know the food is good. I decided to line up myself to see what the fuzz is about. Since I lined up last month, the wait was not that long anymore.

They have a great concept of choosing a meal. I picked the plate (2 entrees & 1 side) while my friend took the bowl (1 entree and 1 side). They even gave us a number that corresponded to the seat number. Thus, I must say they are well-organized when it comes to containing the huge crowd that comes there each day. They make a great effort in making everyone happy and I applaud them for that.

We both got the Chow Mein as the side and it is pretty tasty with the right amount of flavor. Also, I have to say their serving is pretty huge. The prices are not that bad for the serving size. For the entrees, I got the Savory Shrimp and the Mushroom Chicken. I have to say both were really delicious and I would not mind ordering them again in the future. Yes, this is one of those restaurants that I would come back to and I would not mind falling in line.

Panda Express
SM Megamall