Order Delectable Desserts from Tricia's Cupcakery

Ever since the start of the lockdown, a lot of people have resorted to having home-based businesses. It is not such a bad idea when you get to learn a new skill. One thing everyone would always want is dessert. As they say, you should always save room for dessert. 

With home businesses popping up left and right, everyone is suddenly becoming a baker. It's hard to order from someone you just met online though. Get your sweet cravings from someone like Tricia who has been baking wonderful desserts for 2 years.

Cinnamon Rolls (P300)

There are a lot of people who fear Cinnamon Rolls because they are too sweet. That is not the case with the Cinnamon Rolls from Tricia's Cupcakery. The sweetness is just right. For the best taste, heat it inside the microwave for 10 seconds. I guarantee you will forget your name with your first bite.

Assorted Mini Cupcakes (P250)

If you have a hard time deciding what flavor you are craving for, try one box of Tricia's assorted mini cupcakes as it has 4 flavors. The flavors are blueberry, strawberry, oreo, and mango. My favorite has got to be mango. For best taste, keep it chilled inside the fridge. 

To find out the rest of Tricia's Cupcakery sweets, follow them on Instagram. To order, text 09553420239.

The Best Pizzas in Poblacion at Crosta

Crosta has been long known to be the go-to place for pizza lovers in Poblacion. Despite being located at a food park, Crosta has gained a huge following. Their pizzas are so good that I ordered a couple for my birthday a few months ago. Here are the two pizzas that I had:

Cheesy AF (P320)

I'm always a sucker for cheese and this pizza has a lot of it. In fact, it has five known cheeses that combines to give me a smile to my face. It did not take long for this one to be my favorite.

Meatless Lovers (P550)

The meat from Beyond is the best type of vegetarian meat I have ever tasted. I'm glad Crosta is using their meat for their vegan pizzas. As for cheese, they are using cheese from In a Nutshell. I'm very happy to say that no animals were harmed with the making of this pizza. I love it and there is not much difference from the All Meat pizza except that this one is animal friendly. I love animals so I would definitely order this one pretty often.

There is no question I will be back in Crosta whenever I am craving for pizza. Believe it or not, they are not only one of my favorite pizza places in Makati. They are one of my favorite pizza places. Period.

Premium First-Class Dining at Prologue

Everything just screams first-class at Prologue. From the outstanding service up to the nice interiors. The icing on top of the cake is their food as it is extremely good. I guarantee it will leave a mark in your taste buds just like it did to mine.

4 Cheese Pizza (P470)

Wow! That is the first word that came out of my mouth when I got to try the 4 Cheese Pizza of Prologue. I found myself often craving for this pizza even if I had already eaten dinner at another restaurant. Yes, there are times when I have this for dessert. There are even times when I would have it for appetizer. It is that good!

Adlai Moringa Risotto (P470)

I saw that this is one of the most filling and healthiest risottos I have ever seen. It is loaded with mushrooms, basil, curry leaf, and pine nut. After eating this, I really wished their spoons were bigger. It was that awesome. I would not think twice about ordering it again.

Matcha Torte (P330)

Matcha combined with nuts is just pure heaven for me. I love this cake so much that I personally wanted to compliment whoever it was that came up with it. After I tried it, I knew right away which cake I wanted for my next birthday. It didn't matter if it was a little pricey. Taste rules all and their Matcha Torte is in a class of its own.

87 Sct. Gandia St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Ca Phe Saigon = Mon Ngon

It is pretty rare that I go to all the branches of a restaurant but that is exactly what I did with Ca Phe Saigon. The branches may be a bit far from each other but "Ca Phe Saigon" seems to pop up all the time every time I ask my companion where we are going to eat. Spoiler Alert: I always win the argument.

When I see Vietnamese Spring Rolls on the menu, I order it instantly. It is like asking for butter and syrup when I order pancakes. It is as automatic as an energy-saving escalator. The crispiness of the spring rolls are something that I really felt. There is a lot inside those spring rolls too and that is always a great thing.

The Beef Tendon Noodle Soup is by far their specialty of the house. It is like you haven't been to a Vietnamese restaurant until you've tried their Beef Noodle Soup. When you receive it, don't forget to sprinkle lemon and add a lot of bean sprouts. You will thank me later. 

I was still hungry so I also had the Pork Tamarind Ribs rice. It is pretty tender which is exactly how I would like my meat to be cooked. Don't get wrong, I would want it to be delicious too and they did not forget that part. It did not only get me up to cloud 9. I think I was at cloud 10 while I was eating it. 

While dining at Ca Phe Saigon, I immediately wished I was back at Vietnam. It is a beautiful country for those who haven't been there. With everything that's going on, this is certainly the closest I can get to it.

All Photos from Ca Phe Saigon Facebook
Guest Post by Bea Lopez

Get a Hoarding Pass to The Flying House

Instead of a boarding pass, you should get a hoarding pass to The Flying House because trust us, the food here is so good that you will be hoarding them.  During these times, we can't help but miss dining at our favorite restaurants. When I think of my favorite restaurants, one place that comes to mind is Flying House. They have offer delicious comfort food at affordable prices.

The restaurant is designed like an actual house and it is a great place for friends to gather and have a round of drinks. They have a great selection of cocktails that are available by either pitcher or glass. When we got there, we tried out the food and we were pretty impressed.

Parmesan Wings (P170)

Before I became pescatarian, the last chicken wings I got to have was the one by Flying House. I have to say it is pretty underrated in terms of the country's best wings. It really needs to be up there. It has the right amount of parmesan combined with the crunchiness of the wings. I loved every bite I had of it.

 Margherita (P220)

Their black pizza dough is something else. I have never seen anything like it before. I love pizza with all my heart and I have to admit I ordered their Margherita pizza several times already. It just has the right toppings for a Margherita pizza. 

I feel lucky Flying House is located near me. With the current ECQ going on, they continue to be open for pickups and deliveries. Just message them on Facebook or Instagram.

Flying House
10-B Malingap St., Quezon City


The Comedy Central Roast of Captain Aldous - Dous Day Edition

Carson Daly

Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the day you have all been waiting for. We are going to roast the blogger you love to hate - Aldous Calubad right on his birthday hosted by me, Carson Daly.

First of all, I am glad we are doing a Zoom group chat of this Roasting. If we did it live, the number of people attending would be equal to the number of people who would usually go to Aldous' birthday parties - Zero! 

Aldous ages like fine wine. He always looks ten years younger.....said no one ever! 

Aldous, you've been blogging ever since Enrile was born. That's like 800 years and you can't still get on top?

Speaking of being on top, please welcome our first roaster Nikki Glaser..

Nikki Glaser

 image from tvfanatic.com

Before I forget, today is April 19. With that, I want to say Happy Birthday to a very humble and handsome man. He is a compassionate and marvelous leader. From the bottom of my heart, Happy Birthday Joseph "Erap" Estrada!

Carson, you used to be known as a poor man's Fredddie Prinze Jr. That was 20 years ago though. Now, you're a poor man's Bruce Campbell. 

Now it is time for the man of the hour. Aldous, you and Anton Diaz like wearing collared shirts. And that is where the similarities end.

Aldous makes full use of the 9 hours he is at office. He spends 2 hours on Tinder, 3 hours watching YouTube wrestling videos, 2 hours downloading porn, and 2 hours doing the one thing he is actually good at - eating.

Don't get me wrong though. Aldous is such a workaholic that he thinks OT stands for Okinawa Tea.

Jeff Ross

 credit - image from timesofisrael.com

Listen, I am no mechanic but I am pretty sure something is wrong with Aldous' car. It makes an automatic right turn when he sees Pegasus.

Aldous, Lee Rosales blamed you for throwing up during their boat trip to Camaya Coast. What a f*ckin idiot. I mean, you're certainly not Aquaman. You're the only person I know who snorkels at an inflatable pool. 

Before Team Aldous the blogger group, there was Team Aldous the basketball team. They actually won the 2006 LSBL Championship and Aldous made the biggest contribution of them all - not playing.

Seriously, Aldous always entertained us with his dazzling layups. His no-look behind the back passes! And of course, his one-handed free throws! I remember being in awe at all of those moments...during garbage time. 

Dave Chappelle

 credit to inquirer.com for image

Aldous, before anything else, from the bottom of my heart, I am not going to insult you. After all, it is your birthday. I am not going to say that you are a lazy, fat hypocrite. No, I'm not going to say that. I'm not going to say you're a sex-crazed dirty old man either.

Back in High School, Aldous was notorious for his cheating ways. He once put a manila paper full of English words at the back of the classroom for his Chinese memorization oral test. Unfortunately, the plan backfired on him. Why? Because nobody could understand a single word he's saying either. Yeah, it did not matter whether it was Chinese or English. Nobody could understand shit. They wished there was subtitles.

Aldous was actually pretty tall back in High School that his classmates thought he could dunk. He told them, "Nah, I can't dunk." His classmates then asked, "Why not?". He told them, "Because I'm afraid of heights!" 

You know how all of Aldous' dates start? He's going to go "Where are we going to eat?". His date will be like "Oh, I like Mcdonald's!". Aldous will then say "Nah, let's go to Shi Lin." Now this is the time when his date gives him that confused look. Why did you even ask, you white Chinese Korean-looking guy?


Everyone, thanks for being here. It was a pretty nice birthday gift.

Nikki, the reason I turn right to Pegasus is because I always think you would be there. When I see you're not there, I'd reckon someone already beat me to it.

Jeff, thanks for being here. I know you are always busy writing jokes for the next roast even if you didn't know who you were going to roast. The only thing I can be sure of is that you eat too much roast meat.

Dave, the most expensive tickets to your Manila show cost P20,000. With that amount of money, I can probably marry your wife.


Pipino is Plant-Based Perfection

I love Pino and when I heard that it has a vegetarian sister restaurant in Pipino, I had to try it. Just looking at all the goodies on the menu, I had to order a lot when I went there. If I can't finish it, the leftovers will be my lunch the next day. You can't let food as good as this get thrown away. Yes, one thing I will never do is leave leftovers.

Pipino has pure plant-based food and so far everything I tried was great. I will seriously try everything on their menu. I am totally against animal cruelty. My decision of never eating pork, chicken, and beef again was the best decision I ever made. I'm glad I found a place like Pino and here are some of what I had:

 Longsilog (P165)

Who does not like breakfast food? Pipino opens early and serves some delicious guilt-free breakfast food. One of them is Longsilog with chickpea replacing eggs. The tofu longganisa tastes like the real thing too and the best part about it is that there were no pigs that were harmed in the making of this dish.

 Pinakbet Risotto (P195)

I love Risotto especially when it is full of vegetables. I also love Pinakbet because of all the vegetables it has. You can guess that this combination made me giddy for more. Yes, I enjoyed every bite I took of this flavorful dish. It pairs well with their other plant-based dishes like Cauliwings and Tofu Sisig.

 Portobello Inasal (P225)

Ever since I quit eating chicken, there will be times when I would miss chicken inasal. Good thing, I came across this version that substitutes mushroom for chicken. The result is extravagant and I must say I could hardly tell the difference.

Pastel (P175)

My favorite out of the four is definitely Pastel. I'm used to having it with chicken but the veggie version is just as good. In fact, I completely forgot about about the chicken version which is what I wanted in the first place. I will certainly order this several more times in the future.

I love how Pipino is dedicated to giving 100% plant-based food without any hidden meat. That is just one of the many reasons why I am now a proud regular customer. Don't forget about dessert as they also have vegan cakes and ice cream.

Malingap Street, Quezon City