5 Things The "D" in Norther Hope Tours' El Nido Tour D Stands For

It was my first time trying El Nido's Tour D after trying Tours A and C last year. I heard it was more relaxing and peaceful compared to the other tours. Thus, I set my expectations. Were my expectations met? Also, what did I think the "D" in Tour D stands for? I can actually think of 5 things. Let's find out, people:

Before boarding the boat, we found out we were going to use a 10-month old boat. Now, that is always good news. We even had our own comfort room. That will certainly be useful during the long boat rides.


For our first stop, we arrived at Paradise Beach. To my surprise, there was basically nobody there and we absolutely loved it. It's certainly a great feeling getting a wonderful place like this all to yourself. Those who are sick of overcrowded tourist spots will love this tour especially the first stop.


Our second stop was Pasandigan Cove. We actually swam to an unnamed cave there. We had a lot of fun taking tons of pictures. It is a little far from the boat though so those who are not good swimmers should wear their life vests. I love how different and special this stop is from the other spots I've witnessed in El Nido.


In the midway point of the tour, we were so hungry. We finally got treated to an awesome lunch prepared by the Northern Hope staff. We got seafood, pork, eggplant and fruits. What a tummy-filling meal. 


We also stopped at Nat-nat Beach, a small white sand beach with crystal clear waters. I could imagine spending a whole day here. Yes, it was like a dream come true. I don't understand why not a lot of people do Tour D but to quote the Backstreet Boys...I want it that way.



We went to both Small Lagoon and Cadlao Lagoo. We rented kayaks good for 3 at only P100 each and they were worth it. I would not advise swimming at these lagoons. Even if you're a good swimmer, you're going to get tired. I loved every second kayaking and the lagoons were simply breathtaking. The lagoons have sights I would still remember up until this day.

Everything is great about Northern Hope Tours. The staff were very accommodating. We will definitely book with them again in the future.

Northern Hope Tours
Book at 09277353221
Official Website: www.northernhopetours.com

This El Nido Hostel Has Everything You Want in an Accommodation

It is my second time in El Nido and this time, we stayed at Mad Monkey Hostel Nacpan Beach. Boy, did we make a great decision! This hostel simply has everything you want in a place to stay and a whole lot more. I stayed at a Mad Monkey hostel before so I had my expectations but this branch simply exceeded my expectations.

We stayed at a 12-bed mixed dorm which is P550/night. The beds are huge and comfortable so I guarantee you will get a good night's rest. Also, there is a mosquito net to keep those pesky insects away. 

For couples, there are the private room tents. These cost a bit more at P1210 and P1980 depending on which one you choose. Both options are wonderful choices though.

They have an amazing restaurant that serves great food. What I love about their restaurant is they source local ingredients. Yes, there is nothing like supporting local products.

For those who want to make their country proud, finishing one Pacquiao Punch would give your country a point. When I saw we were trailing Iceland by 5, I just had to.......back out. I knew these Icelanders were heavy drinkers anyway. Sorry, Philippines!

One of their amenities is the spa where they offer a bunch of massage services. There is nothing like getting a relaxing massage with sand all over your feet. It's a great feeling you wouldn't experience when you're in the city.

The hostel offers a ton of amazing activities that allow you to mingle with the other guests. Since we were there from Thurs to Sun, we got to experience the Paint Party, Gender Bender, and the Beer Pong tournament. All of them were loads of fun and there was never a boring second. They also offer island hopping tours every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

For sports enthusiasts, there is a volleyball and football net. There is nothing like playing these sports by the beach against fellow guests and letting out the competitive side in you.

We were surprised to find gym equipment too. There were dumbells that have different weights. Thus, anybody can do a short workout before taking a swim.

Sorry for the blurred shot! I just had to take a picture of all the guests lining up for the FREE SHOTS at the bar! The bar gives away free shots starting 9PM. There is also an open bar from 730 to 8 PM each day until supplies last. Seriously, what's not to like about that?

My favorite part was making new friends with people from different nations. These travelers have different stories and I was glad to hear all of them. Some were doing a long Southeast Asia backpacking trip while others were just touring the Philippines for the weekend. It was a great feeling meeting so many people. (I just had to repeat that because it is true!)

A lot of locals say Nacpan Beach has the best sunset in El Nido and now I believe them. What a beautiful sight indeed. 

What more could you want in this great hostel? Consider me a monkey for life, Mad Monkey! 

Mad Monkey Hostel
Nacpan Beach, El Nido
Book at www.madmonkeyhostels.com

Create Your Own Goodness at Wok n Roll

Wok n Roll is like a Mongolian BBQ place on a whole new level. I have never actually tried a Mongolian BBQ restaurant before so this is the first one. I love how you can create your own bowl so you won't need to feel guilty with what you eat.

For the create your own bowl, you can choose your base, sauce, protein and vegetables. Some of them have a maximum so you can be very creative with your choices. 

I created my own bowl loaded with brown rice, chicken katsu, mushroom and satay as the sauce. I loved this combination I thought of especially the flavor. I will definitely experiment with different combinations next time. Be sure you check out their Zomato menu here for all the different choices.

Fresh Spring Rolls (P155)

Those who want to eat something a little light should go for the Fresh Spring Rolls.It is definitely for the health buffs as it is loaded with lots of veggies. I would order this again the next time I am watching my weight.

Pad Thai (P280)

For those who can't make up their mind, they also have the Signature Dishes. I chose the Pad Thai and I must say it is a must try. I thought they put a bit too much sauce but that's just me.

Overall, Wok n Roll is a great option for those who are working in the area. Their servings are fit for those who want to eat the RIGHT AMOUNT of food.

Wok n Roll
Rockwell Business Center

Hot Wings Challenge V at The Stockpile Recap


Last Wednesday, I was one of the media partners for the Hot Wings Challenge by HOG Wings at The Stockpile. It was a very fun event as spicy sauce enthusiasts tried their luck finishing a half dozen wings in two minutes. Sounds simple, right? The only catch is that they're dealing with the spiciest sauce in the world.

Before the challenge got underway, we had some delicious food from the Stockpile:


 Huevos Estrellados with Jamon 
French fries mixed with anything is great. Just today, I realized that french fries mixed with egg and jamon is even better. What an awesome combination. It is also one of their new dishes. I must say it is an awesome addition to The Stockpile's menu.

 Creamy Crab Pasta (P340)

 At first, I didn't want to try this pasta. After trying it, I didn't know what I was thinking because I LOVED the creamy crab sauce. It was so good that I quickly forgot that I was supposed to share it with other people.

 Bianca's Four Cheese and Garlic (P410)

I was as happy as a child when this pizza came out. In fact, I almost forgot to take a picture because I wanted to try it so bad. When I finally did, I remember that I've tried it before and I really missed it. You can bet I will order it again when I come back to The Stockpile.

When I looked at the wings, I can already smell the spicy Carolina Reaper sauce. I tried it before and it was not a good experience as I was searching for ice cream after trying it. Needless to say, I didn't want to switch places with one of the eleven participants.

We had people from all walks of life joining the challenge. It was a big turnout despite the rain. When the buzzer started, everyone quickly dove into the wings. It was very exciting since it is a contest that anybody can win. Nobody was the clear cut favorite entering it too.

Four people ended up finishing it in under two minutes and I really applaud them. I interviewed some of them and one said he wanted more which surprised me. HOGWings was generous enough to give everyone some cool prizes too. 

A Brand Spanking New Menu at Concepto

It is no secret Poblacion has become the entertainment capital of not only Makati but Metro Manila too. In fact, new bars and restaurants pop up all the time. One place you should visit is Concepto and we visited at a great time because they recenty released a new menu. Are the new items any good? Let's find out:

Balbacua (P450)

This is certainly far from your soup of the day. The Balbacua is filled with 6-hour slow cooked beef cheeks, ox tail and brisket. It kinda reminds me of Monggo Soup but this one is a lot better.

Concepto Liempo

Concepto curates their own meat. They even sell meat because one of the owners has a meat supplying business. In other words, they certainly know their meat. Hence, it is no surprise that the Concepto Liempo satisfied my taste buds a lot.

Lechon Belly Pritchon (P550)

Lechon always brings a smile to my face so you can only imagine what Pritchon does.There are 3 kinds of salsa and all of them are a must-try. The healthy part of me wants to eat it with the tortillas but the chubby part wants to eat it with rice. I ended up doing both.

Steamed Fish (P300)

Those who know me for a long time are aware that I don't really like eating fish. However, their Steamed Fish is a winner. I was hesitant to try it at first but I'm glad I did.

Steak Caldereta (P400)

Out of all the dishes, the Steak Caldereta is my favorite. I always eat Beef Caldereta at home and it just became 10x better since it is Steak Caldereta. I love the tenderness of the meat and the mixture of potatoes and carrots. Two thumbs up!

Dark Upsidedown Chocolate Cake (P200)

Despite looking so chocolate-y, this cake is actually not that sweet. Don't forget to combine the macapuno ice cream with it. It tastes so heavenly.

Overall, I'm definitely hanging out at Concepto in the future. They also have acoustic bands every Thursday and DJs every Friday.

6234 Manalac Street

Enjoy These New Dishes at Alegria Cozinha Moderna Sangria Bar

I rarely go to BGC and when I do, it is for something special. Hence, I was glad I stumbled upon this lovely hidden bar, Alegria. It is actually located in the Uniqlo building which was totally unexpected. Imagine going here after a day of shopping. They do have new items on their menu and here they are:

I loved all of their drinks from the sangria to the cocktails. I'm sure their patrons adore their cute glasses too. Who wouldn't, right? Watch out for their promos too like their Ladies Night every Wednesdays where ladies get 30% off on sangria. 

Aguachile Infladita (P350)

Chipotle Con Carne (P350)

Calabresa Brasileira (P290)

Out of all the 3 appetizers served, my favorite has got to be the Chipotle Con Carne. It is prime roast beef hidden under tortilla. Yummy! Don't get me wrong though. I also liked the Calabresa Brasileira as it is a mixture of sausages, potatoes and bell pepper. I found the Aguachile Infladita a little light which makes it perfect to mix and match with their drinks.





It was hard to pick a favorite among all the tacos as all of them were really good. It is easy to tell which taco is which due to the ingredients. Koreana has kimchi, Mexicano has Salsa, Japonesa has wasabi aioli and Pescado has Bacalo fish. All are great for those who want a light dinner.

Camarones (P550)

I love shrimp with a passion and their grilled tiger prawns with harissa verde, elote and salsa tatemada impressed in more ways than one. This is definitely a dish I am ordering again when I go back to Alegria.

Posta Negra Huarache (P670)

I put a focus on this Black Angus Roast Beef because it is huge. It is also very tender as I loved the way it was cooked. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be this one.

Moqueca (P415)

It doesn't get any traditional than Moqueca. What I liked most about this flavorful dish is the tenderness of the Sous vide Bacalo Fish. There are a lot of other seafood in there too and that is never a bad thing. The list includes squid cracker, clams and coconut camaron bouillabais.

Pollo Peruno (P445)

My compliments to chef Charles Montanez for this amazing flavorful chicken dish. The corn and rice are perfect compliments for it too.

'Foi Mal!" Taco

You always save room for dessert and we had their Chocolate Tacos. It is definitely for those who have the sweet tooth as it is goodness in every spoonful of it.

Dining at Alegria for the first time was a wonderful experience. Do you work or live in BGC and you've never heard about Alegria? What on earth are you waiting for? Check this place out!

Alegria Moderna Sangria Bar
4F Uniqlo Building 7th Ave cor 30th Street