The Station Stop #6 - Top Dawgs

When I saw Top Dawgs and their moniker "World's Baddest Hotdogs", I thought I was in Santolan Station. It's no secret the Top Dawgs in the country are the police because they serve and protect.

Jackass (P170)

The Jackass is for the cheese lovers and guess what? I'm one of them! It's filled with mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar cheese and chili sauce. Oh, what a cheesy dream come true!

Shamrock (P150)

This top dawg is topped with pesto, tomatoes, pizza sauce and melted mozzarella. When I first tasted it, I must say the pesto is a nice touch. I have never seen a hotdog with pesto before and it's a great idea. The melted cheese is actually torched right in front of you. Now, that's an eye-popper.

Top Dawgs
The Station, Maginhawa

The Station Stop #5 - Dona Levita

I remember in a train ride before, there was this old lady who got accidentally bumped by a man moving to the middle of the train. Needless to say, the old lady threw a tantrum from quezon ave station to buendia station. From now on, I'm naming her Dona Levita because their food is so powerful, it made a lasting impression on me.

Pork Sisig Solo w/ Rice (P150)

Their sisig is crunchy and flavorful. It can also be bought in 3 sizes: Solo, Sharing and Group. The difference between Sharing and Group sizes is only P30 so I suggest getting the Group even though it has no rice. That's alright as there are a lot of carbs options in the other stalls that's great to be paired with their sisig.

Baked Cheesy Tahong (P180)

The Baked Cheesy Tahong is the Station's undiscovered treasure. I don't think a lot of people know about it but it's really good. I could actually gulp down the entire dozen by myself and I'm not kidding. I recommend to pair it with the sisig and a cup of rice.

Dona Levita
The Station, Maginhawa

The Station Stop #3 - Dee Bee Tin

When the doors opened for the third stop in this food train ride, you'd think we're in Carriedo station. It's like the rowdy scene of Binondo because of all the awesome Chinese food.  We're actually in Dee Bee Tin and we'd like to say 谢谢 for letting us try their two best-sellers.

 Pork Chop (P170)

The Pork Chop is crunchy and tasty which is exactly the way I like my pork chop. It's also huge which is always a plus.

Beef Noodle Soup (P155)

What's  not to like about the Beef Noodle Soup? The beef is tender, the noodles are flavorful and the soup is perfect for the cold weather these days.

Dee Bee Tin
The Station, Maginhawa

The Station Stop #4 - Cheese-o-holic

When you're a cute girl riding the train from Taft to North everyday, there's bound to be some guys trying to get to know you with some cheesy lines. One will look at you and ask "Are you alone?" and when you nod your head he says "Well, not anymore." There was never a time when a love story started at a train ride and there's a good chance it will never happen. However, it's a whole different story when we're talking about cheesy food like mac n' cheese and cheese balls.

Trust me, cheesy lines are going to be the last thing on your mind when you try the cheese-inspired dishes at Cheese-o-holic. I love cheese so you can only imagine my reaction when I saw the concept of their food stall. I made a vow to try all of their dishes and since there were 4 of us, we got to try the Cheese Fondue.

Cheese Fondue (P445)

The Cheese Fondue had their house specialty cheese sauce in the middle surrounded by potato wedges, chicken pops, pickles and sausage bacon bites. I loved their potato wedges the best. In fact, their cheese is so good that I ended up dipping other food from other stalls that night. Yep, that includes yakitori and pork chop. I stand by my theory that when you dip any food into cheese, it automatically improves its taste.

I can't wait to come back and try their other cheesy dishes.


The Station, Maginhawa

The Station Stop #2 - Crazy Wings

On our second stop, it's not the bright lights of Quezon Avenue strip clubs but the amazing chicken wing flavors of Crazy Wings. A food park ain't complete without chicken wings and we sure got a lot of that.

We had a dozen wings which had 3 flavors of 4 wings each. The flavors we had were Garlic Parmesan, Soy Garlic and Sweet Diablo.Garlic Parmesan is my favorite, Soy Garlic is good also but I didn't try Sweet Diablo since it's spicy. I'm sure spicy food lovers will love it though.

Crazy Wings
The Station Maginhawa

The Station Stop #1 - CMH Ilocos Empanada

The Station is the newest food park in Maginhawa. I reckon it's named that way because there's a big train head in the middle. Thanks to the lovely owners of CMH Ilocos Empanada, Adriel and Boon, we got to sample almost all of the food stalls there. It's like hopping on a food train and eating at every stop. Looking at my bottomless tummy, I'm not complaining.

Bagnet Pulutan (P150)

We started at CMH Ilocos Empanada like it was North Station. I can only imagine the Walking Dead-like lines during rush hour for the Bagnet Pulutan. It was cooked to perfection so every bite is like getting put in hog heaven. The "Bagnet Ngayon ka Lang?" flag is witty too. It's like a knock knock joke when a hungry guy tries to pick up girls at a bar.

We had a taste of their best-selling empanadas too. Who doesn't like empanada? It's like a healthy alternative to rice meals. It was hard to pick a favorite among the Adobo (P65), Chicken (P65), Pork (P65) and Bagnet (P65) flavors. All of them had papaya, monggo and egg inside aside from the meat. I recommend trying out all of them.

CMH Ilocos Empanada
The Station Maginhawa

Farinas Introduces Salted Egg Inspired Dishes

To add a little bit of flavor to their local favorites, Farinas Ilocos Empanada has added new salted egg inspired dishes to its menu. You can now enjoy your old dishes with a salty twist (pun intended).

Bagnet with Salted Egg (P170)

Bagnet and Salted Egg is such a great combination and a cup of plain rice is like the icing on a cake. The meat is so nicely cooked that you'll be pushed to order another cup of rice. You won't regret it as this meal is one for the books.

Pancit with Chicharon and Salted Egg (P220)

I must admit their pancit is one of my favorites. I'm guilty to frequently visiting their West Avenue branch to take out an order of pancit bagnet. This version adds salted egg which makes it twice as good.

Bilao Fiesta Meal (P495)

For those who are not aware, Farinas is also the owner of the bus line of the same name. They see to it that their ingredients are always fresh everyday coming from Laoag, Ilocos Norte. That includes their longganisa and it was the highlight in the Bilao Fiesta Meal. It's meant for 5 to 6 people or two hungry versions of myself.

But wait, there's more....

Farinas Ilocos Empanada is now officially available for franchise to the public. For only P800k, you can have your own Farinas restaurant. For more information, contact Hazel at 09178437078.