Denden's Baking Room Brightens Up the Quarantine with Cookies & Cream Puffs

We all need a bit of cheering up nowadays since we are all stuck at home. Leave it up to the Gallemaso sisters to give us awesome desserts in the name of those two Cs. Yep, that's cookies and cream puffs. We all know you should always leave room for dessert after every meal and that is where they come in. Here is their mouth-watering menu:



It was hard choosing among all their awesome flavors so it was best to take the sampler which includes a sample of each flavor.



Oh wow! I just can't enough of their cream puffs. I tried to tell myself to just get one or two then save some for tomorrow but I just can't stop eating one after the other. That is not undervaluing the cookies as they are great too.


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