4 Popular Homemade Dishes Made from Berde Eats Ingredients

I love how there are vegan online groceries like Berde Eats so you don't have to leave home in order to do some grocery shopping in this pandemic. The amount they will give you already includes the delivery fee so there is no need to worry about booking a rider. 

They also have a ton of vegan condiments and desserts which makes it easier for those who are eager to go to vegan. Here are a few dishes that we got to make at home using stuff we bought from Berde Eats:

This is vegan cheeseburger made from their burger patties (same as the one at Cosmic) and Emmental cheese. It really reminds me of the McDonald's version except that no cows were harmed and calves were not separated from their mothers. That is not even mentioning there are a lot less calories in this cheeseburger. Just make sure the bread has no milk in it.

Next, there is the truffle mac and cheese made with their vegan truffle cheese and vegan hotdog. I put in some almond milk for the finishing touches and you have this amazing beauty right in front of you. You know what you need to do next, right? Dig in!

It is awesome how Berde Eats also has vegan meaty spaghetti sauce and vegan giniling. You just need spaghetti noodles and you already have a vegan spaghetti party platter. They say it is the easiest dish to make and it is now made healthier with the right Berde Eats ingredients.

When I saw Berde Eats has vegan bagoong, the first dish I thought about is Pinakbet. Their vegan bagnet is also tossed in there for good measure. Seriously, who doesn't like Pinakbet with Vegan Bagnet? This is simply one of my favorite Filipino dishes of all time with all that vegetables.

To find out the entire list of their items and how to order, click here.

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