Why Getting Good Good's Drinks is a Constant for Me

We've seen so many milk tea places pop up lately including some that have REALLY bad names. QualiTEA? Better think of something better, buddy. Recently, I became such a regular customer of Good Good that I have lost count of the number of times I bought thinks there. Why? What's not to like here?

They have comfy interiors. Their tea is even freshly brewed and they use fresh fruits. Yes, when you try their fruit tea and compare it to others (not mentioning any names) that use powdered fruits, you will know the difference right away.

 Mango Smoothie (P180)

They recently released their smoothies and each of them is a masterpiece. They don't shy away from the ingredients and the taste is tremendous. I tried the Mango Smoothie and my only wish is that it could have been bigger since it is available in only one size.

Sunset Tea (P160)

I have ordered the Sunset Tea more than any drink on the menu and I am still addicted to it. The fresh fruits they put in this drink is Orange, Grapefruit, and a whole lot more. It is loaded with a lot of vitamins and nutrients so I am sure health freaks would love it.

Triple B (P140)

There are a lot of pearls in the Triple B if that is what you prefer in a milk tea. It is brown sugar milk tea with cream cheese and pearls. What a wonderful combination!

 Apple Four Seasons (P140)

This is another drink that i always order. Fresh apple over four seasons is always a great combination.

Yakult Green Tea (P130)

They say anything with Yakult is good. I can't believe I've said the word "good" so many times in this article. Now I know why they call their place Good Good. Yakult Green Tea is another one of their drinks that is part of such a stellar list that I would often find myself clueless as to what to order. There are just too many choices.

Good Good
49-C Scout Tobias, Quezon City

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