The Best Tiramisu from The Least Likely Place

I just had the best tiramisu ever and you will never guess where. It is not Conti's. Nope, not even Purple Oven. Not Red Ribbon or Goldilocks either. It is from.....

*drum roll*

Crosta Pizzeria!!!


You read that right! Crosta just released their first non-pizza dish on the menu and it is this yummy Tiramisu dessert. Now, I love Crosta even more as their version is loaded with Mascarpone. It is not that sweet but it will more than satisfy your cravings.


The container is good enough for two dessert lovers like myself. It is fairly priced at only P270 and it will leave you wanting more just like their pizzas. Be sure to reserve your slot here as this yummy dish is only available on weekends. 


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