Order Delectable Desserts from Tricia's Cupcakery

Ever since the start of the lockdown, a lot of people have resorted to having home-based businesses. It is not such a bad idea when you get to learn a new skill. One thing everyone would always want is dessert. As they say, you should always save room for dessert. 

With home businesses popping up left and right, everyone is suddenly becoming a baker. It's hard to order from someone you just met online though. Get your sweet cravings from someone like Tricia who has been baking wonderful desserts for 2 years.

Cinnamon Rolls (P300)

There are a lot of people who fear Cinnamon Rolls because they are too sweet. That is not the case with the Cinnamon Rolls from Tricia's Cupcakery. The sweetness is just right. For the best taste, heat it inside the microwave for 10 seconds. I guarantee you will forget your name with your first bite.

Assorted Mini Cupcakes (P250)

If you have a hard time deciding what flavor you are craving for, try one box of Tricia's assorted mini cupcakes as it has 4 flavors. The flavors are blueberry, strawberry, oreo, and mango. My favorite has got to be mango. For best taste, keep it chilled inside the fridge. 

To find out the rest of Tricia's Cupcakery sweets, follow them on Instagram. To order, text 09553420239.

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