The Best Pizzas in Poblacion at Crosta

Crosta has been long known to be the go-to place for pizza lovers in Poblacion. Despite being located at a food park, Crosta has gained a huge following. Their pizzas are so good that I ordered a couple for my birthday a few months ago. Here are the two pizzas that I had:

Cheesy AF (P320)

I'm always a sucker for cheese and this pizza has a lot of it. In fact, it has five known cheeses that combines to give me a smile to my face. It did not take long for this one to be my favorite.

Meatless Lovers (P550)

The meat from Beyond is the best type of vegetarian meat I have ever tasted. I'm glad Crosta is using their meat for their vegan pizzas. As for cheese, they are using cheese from In a Nutshell. I'm very happy to say that no animals were harmed with the making of this pizza. I love it and there is not much difference from the All Meat pizza except that this one is animal friendly. I love animals so I would definitely order this one pretty often.

There is no question I will be back in Crosta whenever I am craving for pizza. Believe it or not, they are not only one of my favorite pizza places in Makati. They are one of my favorite pizza places. Period.

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