Praising Thai Basil Boracay's Pad Thai

I heard a lot about the Pad Thai of Thai Basil so I made it a point to go there when I went to Boracay. Oh boy! I was not disappointed one bit. I am not that big of a foodie but I make exceptions and I'm glad I did for this beauty.

Wow, I was pretty much impressed with their Pad Thai. I love Thai food and they have shrimp, chicken, and vegetarian options. I had the shrimp version and I loved it so much that I forgot to sprinkle the lemon. I dove in like a freediver on a weekend. I guess I got too excited but can you really blame me?

I love shrimps so we decided to order Shrimp Cakes too. I was let down when there were only three pieces. I felt as if the love of my life left me for an ugly person when I saw that. It was not what I expected but I will take it. The taste more than makes up for it though I can guarantee you that.

All Pictures from Thai Basil Facebook
Guest Post by Obie Mercado

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