Pipino is Plant-Based Perfection

I love Pino and when I heard that it has a vegetarian sister restaurant in Pipino, I had to try it. Just looking at all the goodies on the menu, I had to order a lot when I went there. If I can't finish it, the leftovers will be my lunch the next day. You can't let food as good as this get thrown away. Yes, one thing I will never do is leave leftovers.

Pipino has pure plant-based food and so far everything I tried was great. I will seriously try everything on their menu. I am totally against animal cruelty. My decision of never eating pork, chicken, and beef again was the best decision I ever made. I'm glad I found a place like Pino and here are some of what I had:

 Longsilog (P165)

Who does not like breakfast food? Pipino opens early and serves some delicious guilt-free breakfast food. One of them is Longsilog with chickpea replacing eggs. The tofu longganisa tastes like the real thing too and the best part about it is that there were no pigs that were harmed in the making of this dish.

 Pinakbet Risotto (P195)

I love Risotto especially when it is full of vegetables. I also love Pinakbet because of all the vegetables it has. You can guess that this combination made me giddy for more. Yes, I enjoyed every bite I took of this flavorful dish. It pairs well with their other plant-based dishes like Cauliwings and Tofu Sisig.

 Portobello Inasal (P225)

Ever since I quit eating chicken, there will be times when I would miss chicken inasal. Good thing, I came across this version that substitutes mushroom for chicken. The result is extravagant and I must say I could hardly tell the difference.

Pastel (P175)

My favorite out of the four is definitely Pastel. I'm used to having it with chicken but the veggie version is just as good. In fact, I completely forgot about about the chicken version which is what I wanted in the first place. I will certainly order this several more times in the future.

I love how Pipino is dedicated to giving 100% plant-based food without any hidden meat. That is just one of the many reasons why I am now a proud regular customer. Don't forget about dessert as they also have vegan cakes and ice cream.

Malingap Street, Quezon City

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