My 8 Favorite Dishes of All Time at 8 Tables

I'm always on the lookout for amazing vegetarian or vegan restaurants near me. I quit eating meat a few months ago so I am looking for plant-based meat substitutes. I found out about 8 Tables in a Facebook group I joined. After my first time eating here, I found myself coming back again and again and again. 

8 Tables has an extensive menu containing guilt-free dishes. All of them are plant-based so go do yourself a favor by feasting here. Here are my 8 favorite dishes of all time:


When I was a kid, Lengua was my favorite dish. When I found out it is actually pig's tongue, I stayed away from it as much as possible. Nobody should want to eat a poor animal's tongue. I was giddy when I found out 8 Tables has their own version of Lengua and it really tastes close to the original. The sauce is really superb. Two thumbs up for me.

 Binagoongan (P250)

What I love about Binagoongan is that it is pretty crunchy. 8 Tables made sure that happened and a whole lot more with their version. I was also glad that they added a bunch of eggplants to it. Anything with eggplant is always great.

 Salisbury Steak (P250)

Salisbury Steak is one of their rice meals as it also comes with sides. I have to admit I did not know the difference between their salisbury steak and the one from Jollibee. Good thing, I quit eating fast food a long time ago. Their version is pretty solid.

 Tempura (P250)

When I go to 8 Tables, which is quite often, I would always order Tempura. It is a nice source of protein and it combines well with their other meat dishes for me. Also, I love the sauce that comes with it.

 Yang Chow Fried Rice (P180)

Their Yang Chow rice is best paired with any 2 of their entrees. I always order this when I'm really hungry which happens a lot. It is pretty flavorful which is exactly how I like my fried rice.

 Pancit Habhab with VPrawn (P265)

Because of how good the Pancit Habhab with VPrawn is, I have yet to try the other pasta/noodles options of 8 Tables. I love the vegan sausage that was mixed here too aside from the VPrawn. I don't know if it is just me or the VPrawn may be different from their VTempura. Both are great though.

Krispy Kare Kare (P320)

Kare-kare is my favorite Filipino dish and this is one dish I always order at 8 Tables. It is crispy because of how they deep fry the tofu. I like combining it with their Yang Chow Fried Rice. It is just a combination that makes me want more until I am so full.

Vulalo (P280)

I first found out about 8 Tables when it was the rainy season last year so I tried Vulalo.This is indeed a lot better than the version with dead cow meat. I just wish one day people would realize it is not right to kill animals especially cows as they are friends and not food.

Those were my 8 favorite dishes of all time. I said of all time because some of the above items may have been taken off the menu since they are consistently adding new things to it. 8 Tables is now my favorite restaurant. I get to have all my favorite dishes guilt-free.

8 Tables
Congressional Ave, QC

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