Get a Hoarding Pass to The Flying House

Instead of a boarding pass, you should get a hoarding pass to The Flying House because trust us, the food here is so good that you will be hoarding them.  During these times, we can't help but miss dining at our favorite restaurants. When I think of my favorite restaurants, one place that comes to mind is Flying House. They have offer delicious comfort food at affordable prices.

The restaurant is designed like an actual house and it is a great place for friends to gather and have a round of drinks. They have a great selection of cocktails that are available by either pitcher or glass. When we got there, we tried out the food and we were pretty impressed.

Parmesan Wings (P170)

Before I became pescatarian, the last chicken wings I got to have was the one by Flying House. I have to say it is pretty underrated in terms of the country's best wings. It really needs to be up there. It has the right amount of parmesan combined with the crunchiness of the wings. I loved every bite I had of it.

 Margherita (P220)

Their black pizza dough is something else. I have never seen anything like it before. I love pizza with all my heart and I have to admit I ordered their Margherita pizza several times already. It just has the right toppings for a Margherita pizza. 

I feel lucky Flying House is located near me. With the current ECQ going on, they continue to be open for pickups and deliveries. Just message them on Facebook or Instagram.

Flying House
10-B Malingap St., Quezon City


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