Ca Phe Saigon = Mon Ngon

It is pretty rare that I go to all the branches of a restaurant but that is exactly what I did with Ca Phe Saigon. The branches may be a bit far from each other but "Ca Phe Saigon" seems to pop up all the time every time I ask my companion where we are going to eat. Spoiler Alert: I always win the argument.

When I see Vietnamese Spring Rolls on the menu, I order it instantly. It is like asking for butter and syrup when I order pancakes. It is as automatic as an energy-saving escalator. The crispiness of the spring rolls are something that I really felt. There is a lot inside those spring rolls too and that is always a great thing.

The Beef Tendon Noodle Soup is by far their specialty of the house. It is like you haven't been to a Vietnamese restaurant until you've tried their Beef Noodle Soup. When you receive it, don't forget to sprinkle lemon and add a lot of bean sprouts. You will thank me later. 

I was still hungry so I also had the Pork Tamarind Ribs rice. It is pretty tender which is exactly how I would like my meat to be cooked. Don't get wrong, I would want it to be delicious too and they did not forget that part. It did not only get me up to cloud 9. I think I was at cloud 10 while I was eating it. 

While dining at Ca Phe Saigon, I immediately wished I was back at Vietnam. It is a beautiful country for those who haven't been there. With everything that's going on, this is certainly the closest I can get to it.

All Photos from Ca Phe Saigon Facebook
Guest Post by Bea Lopez

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