Tummy-Filling Lunch Before the Beach at Hobbit Tavern

We decided to have lunch in the D'Mall area and we came across this wonderful restaurant that has short people as the servers. It is a great concept that I really support. We were looking to get something to eat before going to the beach. We did not want to eat that much because you know, you don't want to look fat in your swimming attire.

We had the Chicken Schnitzel and I really like the way they cooked this dish. It is never a good practice to leave leftovers and this dish definitely deserve that. It is that good and I would not want to leave leftovers just for the sake of having a nice beach body.

We also had the Prawns in a Blanket. I have to give props to the chef for a magnificent dish here. Shrimp wrapped in bacon is always great.

All the people from Hobbit Tavern were very friendly. I even asked some of them travel advice about Boracay and they were more than happy to oblige.

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Guest Post from Cohen Lopez


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