Try the Supreme Lunch Bowls at Alegria Cozinha Moderna Sangria Bar

When you are working in the BGC area, you can always have a lunch out during your lunch break. One good option is Alegria Cozinha Moderna Sangria Bar which is just located at the top of Uniqlo so it is not hard to find. They offer fantastic lunch meals at affordable prices.

Mexican Chorizo (P330)

I am digging their twist into this classic Mexican dish. It is like a dream come true for me. The moment I tried it, I quickly looked at the chef and gave him a thumbs up. That is how good I thought it was.

Passila Fish (P330)

I am a huge fan of seafood and this fish is cooked just right. I could have easily ordered a couple of this if I was extra hungry. It is not only photogenic as it also tastes great.

All the lunch meals were pretty impressive and Alegria has a setting that is ideal for groups. Thus, it would be better to tag your workmates or friends along. The music is also fine so you won't notice how fast time flies. It is certainly a great place to chill and they have happy hour promos every night too.

Guest post by Louie Gugol
All pictures from Alegria Facebook

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