One Healthy Vietnamese Buffet at Somot

I managed to chance upon a buffet worth P650 at SoMot Vietnamese Cuisine. It is right across Pioneer Center and parking is pretty easy. There was also live music there so there is no shortage of entertainment. To my surprise, there were no Filipino customers though. It's not like that is a bad thing though. I just loved the different feel of the place.

Being a pescatarian, I loved the abundance of healthy choices in the buffet. There are some buffets in the Metro where healthy conscious people were hardly able to eat anything but not this one. There were fried vegetables and I am assuming they used cholesterol-free oil to fry them. I love vegetables and they were enough to get me full.

The service needs a little improvement since some staff were Vietnamese and they had a hard time speaking in English. I think they need to hire more local people. It felt a bit strange as I thought I was in another country but that is alright. As for the drinks, they had iced tea but the glasses were a bit small. Also, the utensils were a bit lacking when I tried to find them. It must be because of the huge amount of customers there. Great job, So Mot!

There were a fair amount of choices in the buffet which would make it worth it for the P650 price tag. I saw Chicken Curry, Chicken Noodle Soup, Shrimp Kebab, and Vegetable Kebab. I think this place would be great for locals not just Vietnamese people since I saw mostly foreigners there. It was a rowdy good time too since the performers exerted a lot of effort. Definitely going back!

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