Late Afternoon Drinks at Hobbit Tavern

When you're at Boracay, you know you got to have some drinks in the evening. Besides, the island is known all over the world as a party beach. Me and my friends were looking for a place to have some drinks and we stumbled upon Hobbit Tavern. I'm glad we did because the place was packed and the music was entertaining.

They have some promos that we took advantage of. I'm sure they have a lot more Happy Hour promos so check out their Facebook page for that. Their service is great too as you each member of their staff is super friendly.

We wanted some food to go along with the beer we had so we ordered BBQ Chicken and Pulled Pork pan pizza. I tell you the food here is great and I can't wait to go back and try the other stuff on their menu. It was a shame how we had dinner prior to going here. There will be other days for it though as we are staying at a hostel near it.

Guest Post by Obie Mercado
D'Mall, Boracay Island
All Pictures from Hobbit Tavern Facebook

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