Is Panda Express Worth The Wait?

When Panda Express finally opened, I wanted to try it. It got me curious enough. I wanted to know if it is just one of those overhyped restaurants or if it is really good. I found out that there is a reason for those long lines. People are not just curious. They know the food is good. I decided to line up myself to see what the fuzz is about. Since I lined up last month, the wait was not that long anymore.

They have a great concept of choosing a meal. I picked the plate (2 entrees & 1 side) while my friend took the bowl (1 entree and 1 side). They even gave us a number that corresponded to the seat number. Thus, I must say they are well-organized when it comes to containing the huge crowd that comes there each day. They make a great effort in making everyone happy and I applaud them for that.

We both got the Chow Mein as the side and it is pretty tasty with the right amount of flavor. Also, I have to say their serving is pretty huge. The prices are not that bad for the serving size. For the entrees, I got the Savory Shrimp and the Mushroom Chicken. I have to say both were really delicious and I would not mind ordering them again in the future. Yes, this is one of those restaurants that I would come back to and I would not mind falling in line.

Panda Express
SM Megamall

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