Indulge - The Only Vegan Pizza Place in the Philippines

Did you know that cheese is made by separating baby calves from their mothers? When I found that out, I wanted to avoid cheese as much as possible. I love pizza though so it is a good thing I found out about Indulge, the only vegan pizza place in the Philippines. How I wish there would be more places like them that promote the vegan lifestyle.

 Broccoli Bites (P95)

I really love the flavor in this fried Broccoli. It could even be good enough as the meat in your rice meal. Yes, I am a big fan of frying vegetables using cholesterol-free oil of course. The best part about the Broccoli Bites is its flavor.

 Trinity & Supreme Indulgence (P450)

I did the half & half for their pizza so I can try two flavors. I got Trinity which is their three cheese pizza containing cashew mozz, chickpea parmesan, and tofu ricotta. It did not take long before Trinity became my favorite flavor. You got to try it. 

A normal pizza place would normally have a signature pizza with a lot of toppings. Indulge has their own version with Surpreme Indulgence and it has guilt-free toppings in chili flakes, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and pineapples. I normally don't go for pizzas with tons of toppings but this one is the ultimate exception.

Chickun Rice Meal (P95)

I took a look at their nice selection of rice meals and I was curious at to how their Chickun would compare to the real one. I was surprised that it was actually close and it is just as good too. It is actually soy chicken and the rice meal is perfect for vegans since the egg is made of squash, coconut milk, and rice flour. You won't notice the difference with the actual egg with the looks and the taste.

Indulge Vegan Pizzeria
Map Going There
33 Malingap Street, Teacher's Village, Quezon City

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