Cosmic - A Healthy and Affordable Vegan Place

I decided to go pescatarian because I am against animal cruelty. Thus, I mostly eat at vegetarian and vegan places nowadays. It is good to be part of a movement that will hopefully put a stop to unfair treatment to animals. Besides, doing this will also be good to your health. Unfortunately, the normal perception of vegan food is that it is expensive. Therefore, I was surprised to come across Cosmic as their prices are pretty affordable.

 Scrambled Tofu Egg Platter + Cordon Bleu (P240)

Cosmic opens at 11am just in time for breakfast. The place tends to get pretty packed fast so better get there early. I love the way tofu eggs were made here plus the cordon bleu is just magnificent. There are times when I want to ask the chefs what ingredients they used for some of their mock meat. However, for me, it would be better if it is kept a secret.

 Kare Kare with Bagnet (P150)

Perhaps, this one is my favorite dish at Cosmic and I always crave about it. Even if I live far from Cosmic, I would not mind driving all the way there just for this. The bagnet is just wonderful and this has got to be the cheapest Kare-Kare I have ever seen. Also, the quantity is the same from what I have seen with other versions that are more expensive.

 Vegan Spinach Lasagna (P200)

I am used to lasagna having lots of ground meat. Unfortunately, that type of meat is made from female cows who were turned into milking machines by heartless farmers. It is one of the reasons why I swore to never eat cow meat again. I still love lasagna though and I would not mind a vegetable version since I love vegetables and I give a two thumbs up to Cosmic's Vegan Spinach Lasagna.

Scrambled Tofu Egg + Longganisa (P230)

I remember being such a huge fan of McDonalds' Longsilog back in the day. Nowadays, I have given up on fast food. I wanted to try vegan longsilog on my 2nd visit in Cosmic and it did not disappoint. I would also recommend having two cups of garlic rice to go along with this one. This is probably the only reason I wished I work in Makati.

Tofu Sisig with Bagnet (P170)

Everyone knows pork contains bad cholesterol and I am also against killing this poor animal. However, I grew up loving pork sisig so I was happy when they have this version that has tofu instead of pork. For me, the taste is actually better and you won't have to worry about having a high blood pressure. 

Poblacion, Makati City

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