Aozora Opens 4th Branch

It does not get any authentic than the Japanese food at Aozora Restaurant in Tagaytay. They are certainly the best Jap restaurant there. In fact, they just opened a fourth restaurant which has its own farm. Those who need directions can get it here

There is nothing like going to Tagaytay during the summer time. You are going to breathe fresh air which is a good break after all that pollution in the city.

The best part about this branch is that they are going to serve fresh vegetables. Because of that, I highly recommend ordering their salads and other veggie dishes. You will realize right away that you came to the right place.

You will be delighted to know that you are going to enjoy all your Aozora favorites in such a nice location. Yes, that includes the shrimp tempura and the bulalo ramen. Of course, good food is best enjoyed with nice company.

Guest Post by Louie Gugol 
All Pictures from Aozora Facebook

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