Aozora Japanese Restaurant Open for Delivery and Take-Out

While you are at home figuring out what to cook during this quarantine, Aozora is open for delivery and take-out. Since they have a lot of branches all over Tagaytay, it won't be long before they deliver the food to your place. Of course, you would just need to give them time due to the high volume of orders they receive during this tough time.

When you think of Tagaytay, you think of their Bulalo. At Aozora, they have a specialty called Bulalo Ramen and I'm sure you will love it.The ingredients are fresh and it is just too delicious.

I've come across a tone of Okonomiyaki themed restaurants. However, their okonomiyaki pales in comparison to the okonomiyaki of Aozora. I have to bow down to the chef for this masterpiece.

We did a little panic ordering since we wanted enough food for the next few days during the lockdown. Unfortunately, Aozora's food tastes so good that we might run out of food sooner than expected especially the Dragon Maki and the Chicken Teriyaki. It is a good thing that the servings are huge.

Guest Post by Christine Manansala
All Photos from Aozora Facebook

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