Reestablishing the Revamped Rooftop Food Park

When Rooftop Food Park first opened, there were many food stalls that had different concepts. Now, there is just one place to order your food and drinks. That is actually a lot better because you won't waste time choosing among different concepts. All the great food are in just one place. 

Judging from all the prices of the food and drinks, they are all pretty affordable. No wonder many students and employees nearby flock over to Rooftop Food park. 

 Jamaican Mixer P275 - 2 liters, P350 - 3 liters
 Vodka Berries P275 - 2 liters, P350 - 3 liters

Both the Jamaican Mixer and the Vodka Merries were not that sweet and not that strong either. They were just right and they're perfect for big groups who are looking to spend high-quality time sharing stories with each other. There is nothing like great bonding moments with awesome drinks.

 Pork Sisig (P159)

 Squid and Vegetable Sizzler (P159)

Bangus Sisig (P159)

Out of all the 3 sizzlers, the Squid one was my favorite. The Bangus and Pork Sisig were awesome too, of course. I'm just biased being a vegetable and seafood lover but all three were cooked to perfection. My compliments to their chef who personally crafted each item in the menu.

Boodle B (P650)

This big meal has all the makings of a wild boodle flight. It can fit a very big group. It is loaded with all the things you would want in a pulutan including pork BBQ, liempo, pancit, fried tilapia and ensaldang talong. If I missed some things, you can't really blame me since there were a lot of them there. All of them were great too.

Rooftop Food Park
Regalado Highway, Novaliches

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