Tzu Chi Philippines Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Tzu Chi, a Taiwanese international NGO, is celebrating its 25th year in the Philippines. They are recognized for their disaster relief operations. With more than 10 million members all over the world, they are known as one of the largest international non-governmental organizations. 

For their 25th anniversary, Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines had the following activities:

Taiwanese Food Market

I had Mushroom Omelette, Sotanghon, Takoyummy, Gyoza, Kikiam, and a lot more. I haven't been to Taiwan but I have to say all these Taiwanese street food was excellent. There was not a single thing that disappointed me.

Ocular of the Eye Center facilities, Dental Clinic and Livelihood Center

We got a look inside Tzu Chi facilities where they hold medical missions regularly to give free medical operations and surgeries to patients who have cataracts and other illness that needs surgical assistance.

 Ms. Alya Honasan's "A Mission of Love" Book Launch

To know more about Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines, follow:

Follow hashtag #TzuChiPHat25 for the 25th Anniversary celebration of Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines.

Interested Volunteers or donors may contact (632) 8732-00001

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