Soul Potato - The Home of Supreme American Comfort Food

We're sure glad we found this great restaurant offering delicious comfort food. When I say delicious, it doesn't get any better than this. Thank heavens they opened up a new branch in Robinson's Magnolia food court. There are times when parking is hard at their original home in Devour food park.

Watch the cheese in the Cripsy Chicken Cheese Melt (P190) melt before your very eyes. When that happens, your tummy will growl basically asking you what are you waiting for and why you haven't devoured it yet. When you finally do, you would have wished you got more.

The Country Fried Pork with Mushroom Gravy (P190) is huge. I can't stress how big their servings are. That's definitely a big plus for the customers. There is always the option to substitute the rice with mashed potato. The healthy conscience in me wanted the mashed potato. As expected, I ended up ordring extra rice. You can't avoid that in a situation like this.

I can feel the Shepherd's Pie is the dish that the restaurant is named after. There are times when I would prefer the rice for the meals and order this huge mashed potato with cheese and ground beef. Whenever I dine at Soul Potato, it is pretty much a given that I'm ordering this dish.

Just looking at this picture of the Hickory BBQ Pork Steak (P210) makes me wish I was eating it again. It is cooked to perfection and I would not want to have it any other way.

It is never easy to smoke meat but Soul Potato shows they are an expert and it shows in their Smoked BBQ Ribs with Mashed Potato. The ribs is pretty tender and yummy and I have eaten a lot of ribs from various restaurants.

Their Tomahawk Chops with Chimichurri (P240) is juicy and flavorful. Seriously, you're missing 3/4 of your life if you haven't tried this magnificent dish. My compliments to their amazing chef.

Their menu has all your favorite American dishes. Their Robinsons Magnolia branch even has chicken wing flavors that will make Frankie's cry.

Contributed by Lea Rafio

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