Chickapig - The Ultimate Comfort Food Go-to Place

Because of my new job, I always get stressed. After each working day, I need some comfort food to relax myself. It is a good thing I came across Chickapig. From the moment I tried their meaty dishes, I knew this was the place I would go to whenever I wanted some comfort food.

We started the night off with some cheesy nachos. I have to admit it does not get any cheesier than this. It is also extremely affordable so I recommend ordering this one when you are at 8 Seas Food Adventure drinking with some friends.

When you're mad at your boss or something, you would want to let your bad vibes out. That was what these spicy wings were for. I ordered for the spiciest wings available and it did not disappoint me one bit.

Their crispy bagnet with rice is what dreams are made of, literally. I forgot all my problems at work after trying this one out. Even if I wanted to limit myself to just one cup of rice per meal, I had to order an additional cup. Yep, it was that good.

Chickapig is located at 8 Seas Food Adventure, Timog Avenue. Like them at Facebook

Contributed by Francine Louise Daroy

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