3 Reasons to Try Chickapig

8 Seas Food Adventure opened last year to some great reviews. One of the food stalls that has been making waves is Chickapig. Its concept of bringing you your favorite chicken and pork dishes at low prices is a winner. 

 1. It's Affordable

Will you look at all those prices? There isn't a nearby school but those prices are student-friendly. There are even party platters for the entire barkada. They have some budget-friendly rice meals for those who are budget-conscious too. Isn't that great?

 2. It's Cooked Fresh

Chickapig's seasoned cooks will cook the food right in front of you. They will never reheat any of their fresh ingredients. All their foods are fried to perfection and you will know that from the first moment you try it.

 3. It's in a Great Location

Not only is Chickapig near GMA MRT station (pretty accessible!), it is also beside other great concepts at 8 Seas Food Aventure. Yes, you can combine Chickapig's best sellers with the food from the other food stalls there. There is nothing wrong with experimenting as you may just find a great combination by accident. How about combining their Sizzling Cripsy Bagnet with the Mango Lemonade at Kocco? Maybe the combination of their Bagoong Wings and Soogba's Pecho sound enticing? The sky is the limit!

Photos grabbed from Chickapig Facebook. Like them here.

Contributed by Joey Arevalo

Northern Hope Tours' El Nido Tour A Better the Second Time Around

When I was going to pick a second tour we were going to do at El Nido, I immediately picked Tour A. This tour is very popular for a reason. It goes to four awesome places and there are snorkeling stops in between it. The tour is so good that I didn't mind doing it for the second time. Our first stop was Seven Commando Beach and it was an awesome white sand beach that I absolutely cherished.

Northern Hope cooked us a wonderful lunch and we ate at the boat. We had a lot of seafood, fruits and vegetables. There was no doubt everyone was very full. After eating lunch, I went down the boat for another swim. I have to applaud the tour guides of Northern Hope for always making sure we were safe. They definitely go the extra mile in their efforts and that will not go unnoticed.

After lunch, we headed to the Secret Lagoon. Unfortunately, I did not have any pictures as we signed something to continue its secrecy. Just kidding! Another lesson I learned from last year was to wear aqua shoes as there were many slippery rocks going to the Secret Lagoon. We were also lucky that there were not that many tourists this time since it was rainy season. That won't take away the wonders of the islands in El Nido though.

I never had so much fun kayaking in my life and that's because I was with two awesome friends in Bea and Pat. We kayaked through the Big Lagoon and it was one of those times that I wished would never end. We took countless pictures too. There is no doubt the memories we made there will last a lifetime. When I swam through the Big Lagoon last year, I knew that was a big mistake. It is indeed better to kayak around it. Even if you're a good swimmer, you're going to get tired.

What are you waiting for? Contact Northern Hope Tours today at www.northernhopetours.com. You can also text them at 09277353221. They offer other tours in El Nido and Puerto Princesa.