Exquisite Philippine Dining at Amos, El Nido

On our last dinner in El Nido, We checked out this quaint Filipino restaurant. It is usually the place locals would recommend when tourists would ask them for some nice Filipino food. When we got to try the food at Amos, we quickly found out why.

Creamy Seafood (P350)

This is actually my first time eating Creamy Seafood from a restaurant and what better place than Amos. Amos actually means "Enter" in local Palawan dialect. If I enter Amos and I see this dish, my mouth would just drop wide open. It looks that yummy and I love the variety of seafood in this dish.

Spring Rolls (P250)

For appetizers, we had the spring rolls. You have the choice of vegetable or pork. Since its fried to perfection, I can hardly tell the difference. I actually had a lot of it and it goes well with the sauce.

Kare-Kare (P350)

When a foreigner asks me what my favorite Filipino food is, I tell the person that it is hands down, Kare-Kare. Amos' version is great and the mere sight of it simply gets me excited. I loved the peanut sauce with tender beef and vegetables floating over it. This one is a must-try.

Sizzling Gambas (P350)

You have to eat seafood when you're eating at El Nido. They got some fresh seafood there and the shrimps were amazing. The only thing I didn't like about their Gambas was that they didn't have enough shrimps. Yep, there's never enough shrimps for my appetite.

Sizzling Pork Sisig (P350)

My phone actually died on our first night in Palawan. I guess that's part of the adventure. Thus, I had to borrow photos from Fredda and Patricia and this is the best pic I could get of the sisig. I have to admit it is not right up there with some of the best sisigs in the country. However, it is good enough to recommend to your friends. In fact, it satisfied my taste buds. It is crispy and tasty just how I like my sisig.


El Nido Town 

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