5 Things The "D" in Norther Hope Tours' El Nido Tour D Stands For

It was my first time trying El Nido's Tour D after trying Tours A and C last year. I heard it was more relaxing and peaceful compared to the other tours. Thus, I set my expectations. Were my expectations met? Also, what did I think the "D" in Tour D stands for? I can actually think of 5 things. Let's find out, people:

Before boarding the boat, we found out we were going to use a 10-month old boat. Now, that is always good news. We even had our own comfort room. That will certainly be useful during the long boat rides.


For our first stop, we arrived at Paradise Beach. To my surprise, there was basically nobody there and we absolutely loved it. It's certainly a great feeling getting a wonderful place like this all to yourself. Those who are sick of overcrowded tourist spots will love this tour especially the first stop.


Our second stop was Pasandigan Cove. We actually swam to an unnamed cave there. We had a lot of fun taking tons of pictures. It is a little far from the boat though so those who are not good swimmers should wear their life vests. I love how different and special this stop is from the other spots I've witnessed in El Nido.


In the midway point of the tour, we were so hungry. We finally got treated to an awesome lunch prepared by the Northern Hope staff. We got seafood, pork, eggplant and fruits. What a tummy-filling meal. 


We also stopped at Nat-nat Beach, a small white sand beach with crystal clear waters. I could imagine spending a whole day here. Yes, it was like a dream come true. I don't understand why not a lot of people do Tour D but to quote the Backstreet Boys...I want it that way.



We went to both Small Lagoon and Cadlao Lagoo. We rented kayaks good for 3 at only P100 each and they were worth it. I would not advise swimming at these lagoons. Even if you're a good swimmer, you're going to get tired. I loved every second kayaking and the lagoons were simply breathtaking. The lagoons have sights I would still remember up until this day.

Everything is great about Northern Hope Tours. The staff were very accommodating. We will definitely book with them again in the future.

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