This El Nido Hostel Has Everything You Want in an Accommodation

It is my second time in El Nido and this time, we stayed at Mad Monkey Hostel Nacpan Beach. Boy, did we make a great decision! This hostel simply has everything you want in a place to stay and a whole lot more. I stayed at a Mad Monkey hostel before so I had my expectations but this branch simply exceeded my expectations.

We stayed at a 12-bed mixed dorm which is P550/night. The beds are huge and comfortable so I guarantee you will get a good night's rest. Also, there is a mosquito net to keep those pesky insects away. 

For couples, there are the private room tents. These cost a bit more at P1210 and P1980 depending on which one you choose. Both options are wonderful choices though.

They have an amazing restaurant that serves great food. What I love about their restaurant is they source local ingredients. Yes, there is nothing like supporting local products.

For those who want to make their country proud, finishing one Pacquiao Punch would give your country a point. When I saw we were trailing Iceland by 5, I just had to.......back out. I knew these Icelanders were heavy drinkers anyway. Sorry, Philippines!

One of their amenities is the spa where they offer a bunch of massage services. There is nothing like getting a relaxing massage with sand all over your feet. It's a great feeling you wouldn't experience when you're in the city.

The hostel offers a ton of amazing activities that allow you to mingle with the other guests. Since we were there from Thurs to Sun, we got to experience the Paint Party, Gender Bender, and the Beer Pong tournament. All of them were loads of fun and there was never a boring second. They also offer island hopping tours every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

For sports enthusiasts, there is a volleyball and football net. There is nothing like playing these sports by the beach against fellow guests and letting out the competitive side in you.

We were surprised to find gym equipment too. There were dumbells that have different weights. Thus, anybody can do a short workout before taking a swim.

Sorry for the blurred shot! I just had to take a picture of all the guests lining up for the FREE SHOTS at the bar! The bar gives away free shots starting 9PM. There is also an open bar from 730 to 8 PM each day until supplies last. Seriously, what's not to like about that?

My favorite part was making new friends with people from different nations. These travelers have different stories and I was glad to hear all of them. Some were doing a long Southeast Asia backpacking trip while others were just touring the Philippines for the weekend. It was a great feeling meeting so many people. (I just had to repeat that because it is true!)

A lot of locals say Nacpan Beach has the best sunset in El Nido and now I believe them. What a beautiful sight indeed. 

What more could you want in this great hostel? Consider me a monkey for life, Mad Monkey! 

Mad Monkey Hostel
Nacpan Beach, El Nido
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