Hot Wings Challenge V at The Stockpile Recap


Last Wednesday, I was one of the media partners for the Hot Wings Challenge by HOG Wings at The Stockpile. It was a very fun event as spicy sauce enthusiasts tried their luck finishing a half dozen wings in two minutes. Sounds simple, right? The only catch is that they're dealing with the spiciest sauce in the world.

Before the challenge got underway, we had some delicious food from the Stockpile:


 Huevos Estrellados with Jamon 
French fries mixed with anything is great. Just today, I realized that french fries mixed with egg and jamon is even better. What an awesome combination. It is also one of their new dishes. I must say it is an awesome addition to The Stockpile's menu.

 Creamy Crab Pasta (P340)

 At first, I didn't want to try this pasta. After trying it, I didn't know what I was thinking because I LOVED the creamy crab sauce. It was so good that I quickly forgot that I was supposed to share it with other people.

 Bianca's Four Cheese and Garlic (P410)

I was as happy as a child when this pizza came out. In fact, I almost forgot to take a picture because I wanted to try it so bad. When I finally did, I remember that I've tried it before and I really missed it. You can bet I will order it again when I come back to The Stockpile.

When I looked at the wings, I can already smell the spicy Carolina Reaper sauce. I tried it before and it was not a good experience as I was searching for ice cream after trying it. Needless to say, I didn't want to switch places with one of the eleven participants.

We had people from all walks of life joining the challenge. It was a big turnout despite the rain. When the buzzer started, everyone quickly dove into the wings. It was very exciting since it is a contest that anybody can win. Nobody was the clear cut favorite entering it too.

Four people ended up finishing it in under two minutes and I really applaud them. I interviewed some of them and one said he wanted more which surprised me. HOGWings was generous enough to give everyone some cool prizes too. 

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