Homebase Surf Camp Makes Waves in Zambales

It's always a great feeling when a friend achieves his or her dreams. I recently found out that Obie (Team Aldous' Kembot Queen) achieved her dreams when she put up her own hostel along with 5 partners in Liwaliwa Beach, Zambales. Believe it or not, I actually had a little to do with this hostel (Okay, that's wishful thinking). Obie became passionate about surfing when I organized a blogger surfing trip to Circle Hostel, Baler. After that, she frequently goes to surfing spots Zambales and Baler. She met five other surfing addicts and they decided to put up a hostel where they could crash for the night in Zambales since it is a couple of hours nearer compared to Baler. The result is Homebase Surf Camp, a very affordable and basic hostel.

When I said affordable, I meant it because the bunk beds are just 350 per night while the hammocks are just 250 per night. Can it get any more affordable that that? For surfing lessons, their manager Ping is a damn good instructor and his fees are affordable too.

We stayed at the gazebo that can fit 8 people. Just remember to bring an anti-mosquito repellent or you may end up being dinner.

There is a common area where there is free water. They also have open mic night every Saturday. I waited for the perfect moment to sing my favorite song, "Ilong Ranger." The moment came when everyone was either drunk or asleep. Unfortunately, I forgot I didn't know how to play the guitar.

This is definitely an affordable and great place to stay in Zambales. It is for not only surf enthusiasts but for beach people too. I had a lot of fun making new friends and awesome memories. Looking forward to making many more in the future here.

Homebase Surf Camp
Liwa-liwa Beach, Zambales

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