3 Places to Try at 8 Seas Food Adventure

One of the newest food parks in Quezon City is 8 Seas Food Adventure. During my first time there, I was impressed by the brand new food concepts. I wanted to try them all but I only got to try three and here is how it went:

Chickapig is a nice place for your chicken and pork cravings. They have a great selection of dishes that will make you drool after staring at their pictures.

BBQ Karaage (P110)

Crispy Bagnet Sisig (P135)

Garlic Parmesan Wings (P145)

Crispy Bagnet (P155)

I highly recommend lots of rice to go along with these crispy and yummy meat dishes. It is hard to pick a favourite among them because all of them are worth every penny. If you don't believe me, go to Chickapig now and try their food. I guarantee they'll make a believer out of you.

Due to the heat in the Philippines, it's always great to have a cold drink. The best option in 8 Seas is Kocco as they serve a variety of Frappe, Lemonade, Milk Tea and Iced Tea flavors. The best part about them is that they serve 1 liter of milk tea and iced teas for only P120 and P110.

I had the Fruity Cosmo iced tea which guarantees to hydrate you. It's still flavorful despite my request of zero sugar in it.

There are so many Korean BBQ buffets in Timog that I've lost count. However, the cheapest one by far is Samgyeop Sa Timog.  Despite being very affordable, they're not short on quality. There's a reason why people fall in line here during peak hours.

Before you're seated, they'll set up the table for you. Their pork all you can is only P299 while the chicken/beef/pork all you can is only P399. The unlimited side dishes include kimchi, lettuce, japchae, fish cake, cucumber, atchare, peanut, radish & carrots and my favorite, vegetable curry.

There's a groovy meat selection for pork (dae-pae, bulgogi, Pinoy style), chicken (chicken galbi, bulgogi, Pinoy style) and beef (beef samgyeop, bulgogi and Pinoy style). There is also unlimited melted cheese that pairs nicely with the meat.

I had a great time at the food park as all the food I tried were delicious. Hence, I can't wait to come back and try the other selections here. With 14 food stalls to choose from, you're bound to find something that will satisfy your taste buds.

For those who don't know where to take their date this Valentine's Day, this is the place to be. There are some nice food combinations from different merchants at only P999. The night guarantees to be grand too as there will be an acoustic band that will entertain you with lovely songs.

8 Seas Food Adventure
122 Timog Avenue

Soogba Brings Authentic Bacolod Chicken Inasal to Manila

When I met Chef Carlo Tanalgo at a pop-up event I organized, I got excited when I found out he owns a Chicken Inasal restaurant. I didn't expect much when I tried his food then I found out it is the only authentic chicken inasal in Manila. Others have tried and they obviously failed.

For Soogba, Carlo says profit is secondary as he cares more about giving high-quality chicken inasal to Filipinos in Manila. Yes, there is no need to travel to Bacolod just to eat this local dish because he brought it here. We definitely have to thank him for that.

All their sauces are made from scratch. They don't outsource anything. Now, those are qualities of a good restaurant. I really LOVE their chicken oil. It not only pairs great with their chicken but with their other meat dishes too. I probably lost track of the amount of chicken oil I consumed.

Original Sparerib (P180)

They also sell other meat dishes aside from chicken including this Original Sparerib. At first, I thought I was going to have a hard time slicing this meat but it's very tender. I'm actually trying to avoid pork but since it was so good, I was able to finish it.

Pecho (P160)

Before eating his delectable dishes, Carlo asked me if I know anything about the history of Soogba. Unfortunately, the answer was no but I do know the history of this Pecho that was presented in front of me and that is I devoured it in minutes. Wow oh wow! It is the juiciest chicken inasal I have ever tasted. They weren't kidding when they said their inasal is extremely authentic.

Isol, Atay, Gizzard, Spicy Neck, Garlic Chorizo, Chorizo Hamonado (P80 each)

It was my first time to try chicken ass (isol) and boy was I impressed. Chef Carlo told us their food is cheap for the quality and he's right. I tasted all these appetizers and they're certainly worth a lot more than just P80 each stick.

I guarantee I will be back here as their Chicken Inasal is <3.

8 Seas Food Adventure
 Store Hours: 5PM - 12MN daily