Halal Kebab Express Opens 5th Branch at Eastwood City

I have a soft spot in my heart for Persian food so when I found out Halal Kebab Express has a new branch in Eastwood, it was music to my ears.

Lasi (P70)

Yoghurt lovers will be pleased to know that HKE has their own version in the form of Lasi. They have Plain Lasi, Rosewater Lasi and Mango Lasi. The drinks are not that sweet which is perfect for those who are (kinda) watching their diet.

Beef Naan Wrap (P110 for 2 pieces)

When you hear shawarma, you'll expect a buy one take one promo and you get it in the form of the Beef Naan Wrap. I loved the bread used as it was nicely toasted. I also adore the generous amount of meat inside each wrap. It's certainly for those who are looking for a healthy alternative to rice meals.

Keema Tatali (P149)

The most popular Persian dish has got to be Keema. Here, you can have it in all its glory alongside a nice mix of veggies. My advice would be to eat their food while it is freshly cooked as it is not that good anymore when you let a few minutes pass.

Combination Kebab (Chicken & Beef) P189

There's the Combination Kebab (chicken and beef) for those who can't decide whether to get chicken or beef. This one is the perfect employee meal as there's lots of meat and rice to go around. Hence, I highly recommend this to those who are working in Eastwood.

Chicken Biryati & Basmati Rice (P260)

Last but certainly not the least was my favorite Chicken Biryani & Basmati rice. There is nothing like eating perfectly roasted chicken on top of tasty rice and veggies. This has all the makings of an unforgettable dish.

Halal Kebab Express
Le Grand Tower 1, Eastwood City

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