Flossom Kitchen + Cafe Opens at SM North Towers

I've always wanted to try Flossom Kitchen + Cafe for the longest time. Good thing, they finally opened a branch near me at SM North Towers. I heard so much about them including how they serve delicious food and the ambience is just very homey. I expected a lot from them and came away very impressed.

Flossom Kitchen + Cafe is the first business venture of Betrina Lee and Jessica Wong. They opened their first branch at San Juan to a warm reception from the public. I love how they have a lot of flowers all over the restaurant. In fact, even their food has edible flowers.

 Truffle Lechon Pasta (P350)

I love how the lechon was cooked to perfection. The white sauce penne pasta ruled my taste buds in more ways than one. Don't ignore the bread too as it is as good as the pasta and lechon. Two thumbs up for this dish.

 Cheesy Chicken Volcano (P350)

I ordered the Cheesy Chicken Volcano and they actually cook the cheese in a separate pan then pour it all over the chicken. It was definitely an Instagram-worthy moment. As for the chicken, it was pretty tender and yummy. The serving was huge too.

Mushroom Truffle Risotto (P420)

I love mushroom truffle risotto so when I saw this on their extensive menu, I just had to order it. I immediately smelt the truffle when it came out. It tastes even better too as it was mixed with cheese. It combines well with their Entrees which is exactly what I did.

Flossom Kitchen + Cafe
2nd Level, North Towers, SM North EDSA
(02) 8921-4695 - (0926) 079 2957
10 AM to 10 PM

Tzu Chi Philippines Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Tzu Chi, a Taiwanese international NGO, is celebrating its 25th year in the Philippines. They are recognized for their disaster relief operations. With more than 10 million members all over the world, they are known as one of the largest international non-governmental organizations. 

For their 25th anniversary, Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines had the following activities:

Taiwanese Food Market

I had Mushroom Omelette, Sotanghon, Takoyummy, Gyoza, Kikiam, and a lot more. I haven't been to Taiwan but I have to say all these Taiwanese street food was excellent. There was not a single thing that disappointed me.

Ocular of the Eye Center facilities, Dental Clinic and Livelihood Center

We got a look inside Tzu Chi facilities where they hold medical missions regularly to give free medical operations and surgeries to patients who have cataracts and other illness that needs surgical assistance.

 Ms. Alya Honasan's "A Mission of Love" Book Launch

To know more about Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines, follow:

Follow hashtag #TzuChiPHat25 for the 25th Anniversary celebration of Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines.

Interested Volunteers or donors may contact (632) 8732-00001

Prima Crema's Tiramisu with Chocolate Ganache

Prima Crema recently launched their first product - Tiramisu with Chocolate Ganache. I have to be honest. I love Tiramisu so when I received it, I hurried to finish my dinner so I can get to the dessert. 

Wow! That was the first word right out of my mouth when I got to try Prima Crema's Tiramisu. It is not too sweet but it hits all the right spots in terms of taste. Believe it or not, the 6 1/2 x 2 1/2 can is worth only P550. It is perfect for potluck gatherings as it can feed 5 to 7 people. Like they say, never forget the dessert.

For those interested to know the ingredients, the sponge cake is made of broas and dipped in kape barako with a hint of rum. I hardly noticed the rum though which is probably a good thing. My favorite part is the layers of vanilla-laced cream cheese chantilly highlighted by whipped salted chocolate ganache layer. Without a doubt, it is goodness in every bite. This dessert is best paired with your favorite cup of coffee.

For orders, contact 09175307678. Orders will be sent via Lalamove which will be shouldered by the buyer. Like Prima Crema on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

Get a Chance to Win UnliSamgyeopsal and UnliShabu-Shabu for 3 pax at Samgyeopsal 1978

Some hungry hounds prefer unlimited shabu-shabu while some prefer samgyeopsal. Enter Samgyeopsal 1978, a restaurant that combines unlimited shabu-shabu and samgyeopsal along with some mouth-watering dishes too for just P599. 

For only P599 per person, you can enjoy unlimited Samgyeopsal and Shabu-Shabu. Now, that's pretty affordable. 

The side dishes include fried rice, gyudon, tofu, marbled potato, and fried noodles. All of them were great. Just be sure to not get too many carbs because you may give up too early. 

Don't forget the usual Korean side dishes we have all grown to love.

Here are the choices for the shabu-shabu. Better make your visit worth it by putting a lot on your plate. Make sure to finish them all though.

As you can see, cheese and egg sauces are also available to be dipped on for the meat. The chicken, beef and pork meats are available in a variety of seasonings and all of them are a must-try.

The shabu-shabu containing the various seafood and vegetables you chose is cooked right in front of you so you know it's fresh.

Believe it or not, this garlic fried chicken is included in the P599 promo price. It just makes the deal even better because it's yummmmmy.

Samgeyopsal 1978
Valenzuela, Metro Manila

But wait, there's more! Get a chance to win unlimited Samgyeopsal and Shabu-Shabu for 3 people by following the Rafflecopter instructions below:

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Soul Potato - The Home of Supreme American Comfort Food

We're sure glad we found this great restaurant offering delicious comfort food. When I say delicious, it doesn't get any better than this. Thank heavens they opened up a new branch in Robinson's Magnolia food court. There are times when parking is hard at their original home in Devour food park.

Watch the cheese in the Cripsy Chicken Cheese Melt (P190) melt before your very eyes. When that happens, your tummy will growl basically asking you what are you waiting for and why you haven't devoured it yet. When you finally do, you would have wished you got more.

The Country Fried Pork with Mushroom Gravy (P190) is huge. I can't stress how big their servings are. That's definitely a big plus for the customers. There is always the option to substitute the rice with mashed potato. The healthy conscience in me wanted the mashed potato. As expected, I ended up ordring extra rice. You can't avoid that in a situation like this.

I can feel the Shepherd's Pie is the dish that the restaurant is named after. There are times when I would prefer the rice for the meals and order this huge mashed potato with cheese and ground beef. Whenever I dine at Soul Potato, it is pretty much a given that I'm ordering this dish.

Just looking at this picture of the Hickory BBQ Pork Steak (P210) makes me wish I was eating it again. It is cooked to perfection and I would not want to have it any other way.

It is never easy to smoke meat but Soul Potato shows they are an expert and it shows in their Smoked BBQ Ribs with Mashed Potato. The ribs is pretty tender and yummy and I have eaten a lot of ribs from various restaurants.

Their Tomahawk Chops with Chimichurri (P240) is juicy and flavorful. Seriously, you're missing 3/4 of your life if you haven't tried this magnificent dish. My compliments to their amazing chef.

Their menu has all your favorite American dishes. Their Robinsons Magnolia branch even has chicken wing flavors that will make Frankie's cry.

Contributed by Lea Rafio

One Grand Pancit Party at LA Buddies Kitchen & Grill

I heard of LA Buddies because of their Pancit Panalo dish. As someone who loves pancit more than life itself, I was very curious as to why they would call it that. When I got there, I found out they also serve other wonderful food besides the pancit.

Upon looking at the menu, they serve fusion Asian food even though most of the items are Filipino food. I'm not complaining since I love local treats.

Nachos (P165)

Nachos seems to be everyone's favorite snack. I must say this dish is best ordered while you're hanging out in one of their KTV rooms. Yep, they have two air-conditioned rooms that are P2500 each with P2000 consumable for a maximum of 3 hours. As many as 10 people can actually fit inside so I doubt there will be a time when someone isn't singing for 3 hours.

Crispy Isaw (P170)

It's amazing how they also have streetfood on the menu. I remember how I used to order Isaw when I was a kid. I love how cripsy this dish is. I recommend pairing this dish with an ice cold beer.

Binagoongan (P240)

Pork Binagoongan is one of my favorite Filipino dishes so I always have high expectations for it. After trying LA Buddies' version, I must say it is right up there with one of my favorites. It certainly contains a lot of bagoong and that's always a great thing. Me and other members of my blogger group even got into an argument as to who would be getting the last piece. It was that good!

Panalo Pancit (P215)

We finally got to the part I was waiting for and that is the Pancit Panalo. By the way, that is not a typo and you are really getting all of that at just P215. When I first looked at it, I thought it is worth a lot more than that. It even contains a LOT of meat, seafood and vegetables. Who wouldn't be disappointed with that? They also serve bigger sizes.

Papaitan (P195)

I highly recommend ordering this soup for the rainy weather. It has the right amount of sourness and meat portions to keep you satisfied in more ways than one.

White Chicken with 3 sauces (P300)

It is the Hainanese chicken we have all grown to love. It even comes with three sauces and all of them are good. My compliments to the chef for this one as it is very tasty. I highly recommend ordering this dish while enjoying their live bands. Yes, they have live bands playing there every Friday and Saturday.

Butterfly Tilapia (P260)

Living at Quezon City, this place is a bit far from me considering the traffic. Good thing, they also offer delivery via Lalamove. Therefore, you can enjoy all of their dishes including this huge fish at the comforts of your own home.

LA Buddies Kitchen & Grill
Riverside Driver, Pasig