Tortuga Arrives at Poblacion

While I frequent the bars and clubs at Poblacion, Tortuga is quite new. I found out from the owner that they used to be at Katipunan. They sure picked a good spot to move to. For those who haven't heard of Tortuga, it is a Caribbean-inspired bar that has very nice interiors. How were their food and drinks? Read on:

Jerk Chicken

One menu item that we got first dibs on is the Jerk Chicken. Who doesn't like grilled chicken paired with fried plantains and mixed veggies? I know I loved it. This one will certainly stay on the menu for a long time.

Jungle Pumba (P350)

For those who love pork, their Jungle Pumba is slow-cooked pork belly with lettuce and rice. The pork is very tender too. I learned one lesson here. Never underestimate the food of a bar.

Pork Skewers

One dish that's perfect to be paired with their drinks is the Pork Skewers. The meat is cooked to perfection and it's pretty big too.

Chicken Skin (P180)

One of their best-sellers is the Chicken Skin. When I tried it, I found out why. It is fried to perfection and very crunchy too.

Espaniola (P240)

I love the selection of cocktails they have. The Espaniola is a Tequila-based Aloe vera drink with pomelo pulp. I guarantee you're going to have 3 of this before the night is over.

Sol Swizzle (P240)

This fruity cocktail contains pineapple, guyabano and rum. It's so addicting that you won't notice how many you've had by the end of the night.

Sneaky Tiki (P240)

Out of the three cocktails, this one is my favorite because it tastes like iced tea. It is actually sweet tea with vodka, bourbon and rasperry. I guess that's why.

Tip: Stay glued to their Facebook and Instagram for amazing happy hour promos. You would not want to miss out on their amazing deals.

2nd Floor, Lokal Hostel

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