HOGWings Opens at Mercato Centrale

The new concept coming from the same folks behind House of Griddle is HOGWings. It's obviously a food stall that sells chicken wings and it is located at Mercato Centrale BGC and Mckinley branches. They even hold spicy wings challenges for those who dare to enter. All I can say is good luck to those who decide to.

Salted Egg and Garlic Parmesan

I picked Salted Egg and Garlic Parmesan right away as the two flavors for me since those are my favorite. I was glad to know their sauces are made from scratch which explains how good they are. I'll definitely order these two flavors again. They're so yummy with a capital M!

Cheesy Bacon & Hickory Smoked BBQ

Anything with bacon is great and that includes wings so the Cheesy Bacon gets a big fat approval from me. Meanwhile, the Hickory Smoked BBQ flavor looks just like one of their special flavors but it isn't spicy. In fact, it got me hooked from the first bite.

Korean Soy & War and Peach

When it's one of their special flavors, you can expect your lips to be on fire. That's what happened to me when I tried the War & Peach. Manong Sorbetes to the rescue! I recommend their special flavors for those who like their wings spicy though. The Korean Soy flavor wasn't exactly what I expected but it did exceed my expectations.

Black B

Those who were willing to go the extra mile were given the chance to try the Black B and the Kornbanero. The sauces for the special flavors were made by the members of the Philippine Hot Sauce club. Unfortunately, I wasn't brave enough to do it so just like what we were eating, I "chickened" out.

Original Flavors: 4pcs  - P129
6pcs - P149
8pcs - P189
12pcs - P299

Special Flavors
4pcs - P149
6pcs - P169
8pcs - P209
12pcs - P329

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