Celebrating New and Old Dishes at The Stockpile

Back in the day, when someone asked me for a restaurant recommendation, I would always say Sunshine Kitchen. Now, the same people behind it came up with a cool new concept called The Stockpile. It is a restaurant where groups can enjoy a wide variety of Western comfort food. After trying out their new and old dishes, this is definitely the new restaurant I will recommend.

6 Hour Slow Roast Porchetta Sandwich (P295)

We started off the night with one of their most impressive new dishes, the 6 hour slow roast porchetta sandwich. Even if I'm trying to stay away from pork, I find it hard to resist this yummy sandwich. Two thumbs up!

Squid Ink Pasta with Seafood in Cream Sauce (P385)

Another new addition to the menu is the squid pink pasta. It is very creamy which is just the way I like my pasta. They have a generous amount of seafood there too and who would not like that?

Soju Yakult (P599)

It was my first time trying a cocktail that contains Yakult and as expected the Yakult overpowers the liquor. That spells bad news for those who get addicted to this cocktail rather quickly and that list includes me.

Steak and Fries (P795)

Their huge medium rare steak is good enough for 2 to 3 people or one hungry me. Yes, it is that big. I really loved how tender it is too. Some may think it is a bit pricey but I say it is worth every penny.

Pan Roasted 24-Hour Brined Double Cut Porkchop (P540)

Another meat dish that has a big serving is their porkchop. It may not be seen in the picture but it is lying on a bed of mashed potato and that's always great. I've seen big servings of porkchop before but this one is just HUGE. It's cooked perfectly too so my compliments to Chef Tanya.

6-Hour Slow Roast Porchetta (P520)

One of their specialties is the Roast Porchetta and once I tried it, I quickly found out why. This dish exemplifies how porchetta should be cooked. Try it and you will see what I am talking about.

Bacalao Empanadas 3 pcs (P180)

Good news for those who love eating meryenda and are working in the Ortigas business district! The Bacalao Empanadas are so filling that you will end up eating a light dinner.

The Stockpile Fries with Truffle Aioli (P280)

I just can't stop getting from the Stockpile Fries. It is really addicting especially when it is combined with the truffle dip.

Salted Egg Baby Squid with Squid Ink Aioli (P295)

It was not too long ago when the salted egg craze hit the nation. Yes, there was salted egg versions of chicken, fish, beef and now, squid. I have to say this is such a great idea and there's absolute greatness in every bite.

Callos con Garbanzos (P390)

Last but certainly not the least is their Callos con Garbanzos. There is a right amount of meat and tripe in this one. Additionally, I ABSOLUTELY loved the sauce.

I will definitely be back not only for the food but the comfy ambiance too. There's even live bands every Tuesday and Thursday plus a DJ that plays every Friday. There's also a happy hour every Monday to Thursday and Saturday from 5 to 9 pm. It is a drink all you can promo for selected cocktails, wine and spirits.

The Stockpile
1st Floor, Sapphire Bloc

HOGWings Opens at Mercato Centrale

The new concept coming from the same folks behind House of Griddle is HOGWings. It's obviously a food stall that sells chicken wings and it is located at Mercato Centrale BGC and Mckinley branches. They even hold spicy wings challenges for those who dare to enter. All I can say is good luck to those who decide to.

Salted Egg and Garlic Parmesan

I picked Salted Egg and Garlic Parmesan right away as the two flavors for me since those are my favorite. I was glad to know their sauces are made from scratch which explains how good they are. I'll definitely order these two flavors again. They're so yummy with a capital M!

Cheesy Bacon & Hickory Smoked BBQ

Anything with bacon is great and that includes wings so the Cheesy Bacon gets a big fat approval from me. Meanwhile, the Hickory Smoked BBQ flavor looks just like one of their special flavors but it isn't spicy. In fact, it got me hooked from the first bite.

Korean Soy & War and Peach

When it's one of their special flavors, you can expect your lips to be on fire. That's what happened to me when I tried the War & Peach. Manong Sorbetes to the rescue! I recommend their special flavors for those who like their wings spicy though. The Korean Soy flavor wasn't exactly what I expected but it did exceed my expectations.

Black B

Those who were willing to go the extra mile were given the chance to try the Black B and the Kornbanero. The sauces for the special flavors were made by the members of the Philippine Hot Sauce club. Unfortunately, I wasn't brave enough to do it so just like what we were eating, I "chickened" out.

Original Flavors: 4pcs  - P129
6pcs - P149
8pcs - P189
12pcs - P299

Special Flavors
4pcs - P149
6pcs - P169
8pcs - P209
12pcs - P329

Muang Thai ReOpens in Grand Fashion

Muang Thai is a restaurant that has been around for 22 years and they recently revamped their looks and menu. I live nearby and I'm glad I got to find out about this restaurant. It's huge which makes it perfect to hold grand occasions. 

On to the food, it is simply magnificent. In fact, owner Regina Romero traveled to Bangkok to immerse herself with the Thai culture. The result is a brand-spanking new menu containing twists to old and new Thai dishes.

Tom Yum Talay

Those who like spicy soups will love their Tom Yum soup. I personally like how the shrimp skewers are separated. This one is highly recommended especially during the rainy season.

Beef Short Ribs

I loved how tender the beef is in this dish. Also, it's paired with pineapples and mushrooms which is always a good thing.

Spring Rolls

This crispy Thai favorite is meatless so it's the ideal healthy appetizer. I loved every bite I had of it. Good thing, there were a lot.

Mu Krob

The Mu Krob reminds me of Kare-kare because of the sauce. The pork is cooked just the way I liked it too which is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Satay Gai

Perhaps, my favorite Thai dish of all time is the Chicken Satay and their version did not disappoint. I also loved the peanut sauce. I wouldn't hesitate ordering another serving of this dish.

Pad Thai

Whenever I go to Thai restaurants, it is an automatic that I will order Pad Thai. Their version is full of shrimp, fried tofu curds and chicken. It's definitely one of those Pad Thais I will remember for a long time.

Khao Kluk Kapi

The rice is big enough for the entire family. They are certainly not selfish when it comes to the serving. I recommend pairing this with their mouth-watering meat dishes.

Chicken Pandan

The dish I was most excited about was this Chicken Pandan and it was well worth the wait. The homemade soy sauce is great too. In fact, opening those leaves is like opening a treasure chest. This dish certainly gets a two thumbs up.

Spicy Basil Mixed Seafood

Seafood lovers will certainly love this dish as it has squid, clams, fish and shrimp. The sauce is pretty addicting too.

Mango Sticky Rice

We ended the lunch with this yummy Mango Sticky Rice. Since I was so full after eating all those yummy dishes, I only had the mango and a bit of the rice. It tastes so milky thanks to the coconut sauce that those with the sweet tooth will certainly love it.

Will I come back? Of course! I live nearby, I love Thai food and the interiors are attractive. That's not even mentioning the wonderful service of the staff.

Muang Thai
138 Malakas St. , Diliman, Quezon City