Noor - A Fresh Take on Modern Mediterranean Cuisine

I haven't been to Burgos Circle in a while and I was amazed to see how much it has changed. There were so many new restaurants and one of them is Noor. I have to say that Noor completely changed how I perceive Mediterranean restaurants. What an awesome experience.

 Noor (P380)

Restaurant manager Tair Ben Arie Hakmini started us off with their crafted cocktails. They named this cocktail after their restaurant for a good reason. One sip and it instantly became my favorite.  It is mixed with gin, cucumber, fresh basil, fresh lemon juice and tonic water.

 Coconut Record (P380)

A cocktail that tastes like coconut? Count me in. This amazing drink contains gin, cognac, almond and shredded coconut. A few drinks later and you'll think a coconut landed on your head.

 Regina Spektor (P380)

There's nothing like a fruity cocktail on a Monday night. This drink is proof that cocktails can be healthy too. This one contains orange, egg white, Cointreau, Campari and vodka.

 Roast Beef (P400)

For those who like their meat served rare, I highly recommend the Roast Beef. It is also served with toasted bread which compliments the meat very well.

Cauliflower (P350)

I have to applaud Chef Or Hakmini because who would have ever thought my favorite dish would be this simple vegetable? Yes, their Cauliflower is a must try as it is deep fried with parsley and caesar aioli.

 Lamb Baklava (P460)

The presentation of their Lamb Baklava is pretty unique. It's something I have never seen done to a lamb dish before. That doesn't mean it was bad though as it screams greatness in every bite.

 Fish Kebab (P550)

One bite out of their Fish Kebab and you can quickly tell that their food is made from the freshest ingredients. I'm not fond of fish too much but I absolutely loved this dish. It's also accompanied with yogurt, herbs and tabbouleh salad and all of them complimented the fish very well.

 Chicken Skewers (P600)

I loved every bit of their Chicken Skewers. From the herbs marinated meat to the grilled vegetables and lentils basmati rice, everything just seems so perfect.

 Kebab (P620)

They say you need to try Kebab when you're in a Mediterranean restaurant and they're correct. I tried it and I love the fact that they combined Beef and Lamb in this dish. Both were amazingly tender. The roasted vegetables under the meat is like the icing on the cake for this magnificent dish.

 Knafe (P390)

Their Knafe tasted a lot like ensaymada with vanilla ice cream on top and that's always a good thing. I'd seriously consider coming back for this alone.

Cracked Pie (P350)

Last but not the least is this wonderful Cracked Pie. Each bite of this dish brings a smile to my face. I'd hate sharing this one with others.

Will I come back to Noor? Absolutely! The service of their well-trained staff is exceptionally good too. I'm sure I will lose count of the number of times I go here a year from today. Besides, they're currently on soft opening so it will only be a matter of time before their menu expands and I can't wait.

Unit F133, Forbeswood Heights
Bonifacio Global City

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