Fun Facts About Spices

People are fascinated by the smell, taste and health benefits of spices from long time ago. Spices have a very turbulent history and, in some way, they have shaped the world we live in now. There is an interesting story about the effects and the cultural impact of spices you have in your kitchen. Here are only a few of them.


Lavender has a distinctive fragrant and it is often used in perfumes and essential oils. Its name comes from the Latin word “lavare”, which means “to wash”. In the old times, when bathing was not a common practice, people used to use lavender to aromatize clothes and linen.

You can use it to add the distinctive floral taste to the wide variety of meals. It might sound surprising, but it can improve the flavor of sweet and savory dishes, chocolate cupcakes, beet salad, buttermilk fried chicken, cheesecake, sorbet, roasted turkey and many, many more.


The origin of this super-healthy plant is the Mediterranean cuisine. Its name comes from the Greek language and means “delight of the mountains”. It is commonly grown in gardens because it enhances the growth of the surrounding plants.

It is most popular as the “pizza herb”, but it is also often used in the Italian cuisine for preparation of pasta and tomato sauce. It is a powerful antiseptic and it has a profound influence on the immune system. It contains a high level of Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and vitamins K and B-6. It has four times more antioxidants than blueberries. 


Almost 90 percent of the world’s production of turmeric takes place in India. It is a deep orange-yellow powder from the family of ginger, famous for its strong health benefits. It is even used as a natural antivenin for the bites of King Cobra.

Turmeric contains various types of compounds that have tremendous benefits for your health. The most important is curcumin, a strong antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory pain-reliever. It is often used in the form of pills to fight many health problems like the brain and heart diseases, cancer, depression, Alzheimer disease, osteoarthritis, and many more. 

Chili Pepper

Chili pepper had been an essential part of the North American cuisine even before the European settlers came to the New World. There are many varieties of the chili peppers, but they all have one thing in common – their hotness comes from the compound called “capsaicin”.

While chili peppers may cause some serious burns on the flesh of mammals, birds are completely immune to it. This is why they are responsible for excreting their seeds. If you try a chili pepper that is too hot, take a glass of milk or any liquid dairy product because it  will neutralize the burning sensation of capsaicin.


Pepper has a truly fascinating history. In the past, it was a very expensive spice, so only rich people were able to consume it. It was shipped from India through the spice routes and the traders often fought among themselves on the way to Europe. It was so valuable during the Middle Ages that people measured their wealth according to the stash of pepper they possessed.

It was more valuable than gold, so it was often used as a form of legal currency. Even today, the expression “pepper expensive” is still used in many languages throughout Europe to label something as very expensive. 


Cinnamon comes from the bark of the cinnamon tree and it is one of the rare spices that can be consumed raw. It can be very useful in everyday life. If you add a few drops of cinnamon oil to your lotion or sunscreen, it can serve as a natural pesticide and destroy bugs. Also, if you mix cinnamon with honey and apply it on your hair, it will lighten it up.
It is recommendable to include cinnamon in your regular diet because it has many health benefits. It can protect you from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and bacterial infections. It is full of antioxidants which reduce inflammatory processes in your body and lower the risk of these diseases.

Spices are very beneficial for your health if you use them properly. They add a special flavor to your meals and protect you from many diseases. So, make sure to include them in your diet and your health will improve rapidly.

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