4 New Dishes at Pitmasters Smokehouse

One of my favorite places that offers smoked meat is Pitmasters Smokehouse. When they asked me to try their new dishes, I immediately agreed knowing my first experience with them went great. How did their new dishes do? Let's find out:

Oyster Sisig (P250)

The first one served to us was also my favorite. It's very creamy which is exactly the way I like my oysters. This one gets a two thumbs up!

Chili Sausage (P250)

With chili mixed in this dish, it's ideal for those who like it a bit spicy. It's not spicy enough though for those who like spicy food though. It's a bit moderate so some chili sauce should be added.

Pulled Pork & Bacon Sisig (P270)

This one is unlike any other sisig I have ever tasted. It has pulled pork and bacon! I repeat, that's pulled pork and bacon! If that doesn't make your jaw drop, then I don't know what will. It's definitely best paired with one of their flavored beers.

Sizzling Burger Steak (P370)

The reason why their angus patty is so tasty is because it's mixed with their East Capitol BBQ Sauce. The egg and mushrooms in the steak is like the icing on a cake. What a masterpiece!

Bacon & Mushroom Pizza (P370)

One dish that's not new is the Bacon & Mushroom pizza but we had it anyway. Who is complaining though? I really love their pizzas. In fact, I want to try all the flavors when I get the chance.

Pit Platter (P1500)

Once again, I had the Pit Platter and I'm not complaining one bit. It contains their best meats along with 4 sides (slaw, french beans, corn, kamote fries). I highly recommend it for people coming in groups.

Pitmasters Smokehouse
39 East Capitol Drive

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