Teaspoon Cafe Celebrates Its 1st Year Anniversary

I can't stress enough how affordable the food and drinks are at Teaspoon Cafe. Despite the low prices, the quality is nice too. It may be a little far from the metro but I guarantee it's worth the travel. When I first came in, I saw that it's a place where a lot of students hang out. I can't blame them since the prices are student-friendly. Here are some of the food and drinks we got to try:

Fish Fillet w/ Tofu

Chinese Adobo

Squid Adobo

Beef Pares

Sizzling Porkchop

They have an amazing promo going on right now with 2 rice meals for only P199. Yes, you read that right. The choices are Beef Pares, Fish Fillet, Squid Adobo, Chinese Adobo and Sizzling Porkchop. All of them are great choices and they're generous with the serving too. It's definitely a great deal for hungry hounds like me or couples out on a date.

4-Cheese Pizza (P149)

This thin crust pizza is just oozing with 4 types of cheese. It's certainly for big groups who decide to hang out in the comfy place. Before I forget to mention, the service here is nice and fast too. Oh, the WiFi is fast as well (if it's not packed).

Cheesy Mushroom Burger (P105)

When I saw this on the menu, I just had to order it. Those who know me are aware that cheese and mushroom are my weaknesses whether it's on a pizza or a burger. This burger doesn't disappoint one bit. There's loads of cheese too and that's always a plus.

Binagoongang Bagnet (P120)

One of my favorite dishes is Binagoongang Bagnet so I love how they have their own version. It's very crunchy and tasty which is exactly the way everyone likes their bagnet. 

Hawaiian Cheesy Delight (P149)

We just had to try their Hawaiian Pizza because pineapples on pizza is always a good thing.  Lo and behold, their version simply ruled.

Kare-Kareng Bagnet (P135)

Perhaps, my favorite dish of the night is the Kare-Kareng Bagnet. I thought I had amnesia after I got to try their peanut butter sauce. Yes, it was that good. I'll definitely come back just for this one.

Salisbury Steak (P99)

I loved every bit of the homemade gravy put on top of their Salisbury Steak. The steak is well-cooked too. I certainly wish there was an option for it to be 2 pieces.

Potato Zesty Fries (P70)

Their Potato Zesty Fries tastes just like KFC's fries which is good if you're a fan of it. It goes pretty well with their rice meals or as an afternoon snack.

Nachos (P180)

Before leaving, we ordered this ultrasized Nachos. We thought we could still finish it but I guess we underestimated it. It's big enough for 5 to 6 people. Oh, did I mention it's pretty cheesy? Yummy!

Okinawa (P80)

Passion Fruit Shake (P70)

They have another promo where you can get the Classic and Wintermelon milk tea for only P120. For the quality of their drinks, that's such a great deal. I tried their Okinawa milk tea and it tastes a lot like the Wintermelon one. I know it's brown sugar but I can't seem to notice the difference. I also got the Passion Fruit shake and I love how it combines several fruits into one refreshing drink.

I love it when an establishment lasts long due to how hard it is to maintain a business nowadays. With that said, I have to congratulate Teaspoon Cafe on its one-year anniversary. With a great location, affordable food and yummy drinks, you can't go wrong with this place. Cheers!

Teaspoon Cafe
69 Pinagpala Street, Valenzuela

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